What foods causes constipation, 15 foods you need to avoid

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Are you suffer from constipation? Did you know that certain foods can cause constipation? Here we talking about What foods causes constipation?

One of the good ways to get relief from Constipation or find the ways to relief by avoiding those foods that cause it.

The cause of this condition may be on your dinner plate. Lots of common food in the American diet can cause it.

But don’t worry you can relief from it by replacing some foods that cause constipation. You need to add high fibre contains food that work to prevent it.

Constipation is a normal problem, in fact many people 27% of adults experience worst symptoms such as Gas and Bloating.

If you are elderly or very physically inactive, you are more likely to experience it.

Some food can help to reduce the risk of constipation, while others can make it worse.

So hello guys we are Vmoda in this article we are going to talking about What foods causes constipation. Here we share top 15 foods that can increase the risk of get being constipated. So let’s begin.

What is constipation ?

What foods causes constipation

Constipation is a very common bowel problem, where people faced difficulty in bowel movements.

Medically Constipation is defined as having less than 3 bowel movements per week. If any one has less than 1 bowel movement per week, than they are suffering from severe constipation.

Some very common symptoms of constipation is Gas, Bloating or pain passing bowel movement.

What Foods Causes Constipation?

The food we eat has an effect on us, some food can help you to reduce or relieve the risk of constipation. While some others food make it worse.

Basically those foods that are not easily digested by our body cause constipation. Here we share some food list that can increase the risk of get being constipated.

Top 15 Foods that can cause Constipation.

If you want to safe from constipation or you already suffer from it. Then you need to avoid some food, scroll down to know more.

1. White Rice:

White Rice

If you suffer from constipation you need to avoid White Rice, because it can increase the risk of being constipated. But you can consume brown rice, Because Brown Rice better than White Rice.

White rice can cause constipation because the granules, bran have been removed. Where all the fiber and nutrients are!

But Brown Rice help to relieve from constipation, because Brown Rice contains all the granules and bran. Where all the fiber and nutrients are!

If you consume 1 cup Brown Rice you get 3.5 gm of fibre and 5 gm of protein. It also a good source of healthy carbohydrates.

2. Red Meat:

Red Meat for constipation

Red Meat can also cause of constipation. There are so many reasons to avoid Red Meat when you suffer from Constipation.

Because Red Meat can increase the chance of get being constipated for many reasons such as it’s high in fat, due to this reason it takes too much time to digest.

It also contains high amount of protein and fiber that can be difficult for the stomach to properly digest.

Red Meat also rich in iron, which can cause constipation. So you need to consume red meat in moderation.

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3. Chocolate:

Chocolate for constipation

If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) you need to keep safe distance from chocolate.

We all know chocolate contains high amount of fat, due to this reason it can slow the digestion process.

If you eat those food that are high in fat, it can slow down the flow of food through the intestinal tract.

In a study, researchers in Germany asked people suffering from constipation to name the foods they thought were the cause of constipation. Chocolate was the most frequently mentioned.

4. Fast Foods:

Fast food

All those fries and burgers are high in fat and low in fibre. If you consume fast food daily it can slow down your bowel movement.

Also fast food don’t have enough nutritional value. You can try some home made tasty food instead of fast food.

Make burger at home using lean ground chicken or you can use Veggie Patty with whole wheat bun.

Instead of French Fries you can try baked sweet potato fries, because sweet potato contains high amount of micro nutrients and soluble fibre. It also helps to relieve from constipation.

5. Frozen and Processed Foods:

Processed Food for constipation

Not only Fast Food, Processed and frozen food also can cause of Constipation. Because it contains less nutrients and high amount of fats.

Some processed food also contains lots of salts, so you need to avoid processed and frozen food such as Pastries, White Bread, Chips, Frozen Food, Hot dog etc…

All of these Frozen and processed Food can cause constipation by slowing down the bowel movement.

Always consume good food such as veggies, fruits in their whole nutrition form and drink enough amount of water to keep your healthy digestive system.

6. Dairy Products:

Dairy Products

Dairy Products such as cheese, milk, ice cream and yogurt can make you constipated. Because dairy products contains fat and lactose.

The lactose can cause bloating and gas, that can make a person feel uncomfortable, if things aren’t moving through properly.

One research proved that, the dairy products could be the cause of constipation in Iranian children.

Allmost all the children who eliminated dairy products from their diet had more regular bowel movement.

7. Chips:


Chips is one of the most popular snacks because chips are tasty but high in fat and low in fibre and it doesn’t contain enough amount of nutrients.

We already told you chips contain high amount of fat due to this reason it takes time to digest and slow down your bowel movement.

Instead of consume chips try to consume boiled or raw veggies.

8. Supplement:


Many of us take calcium and iron supplements because we are trying to stay healthy. But do you know supplements could be the cause of worst constipation.

We always recommend you to take a healthy complete meals, because it fulfills your all nutrients needs.

But if your doctor recommend you to take some supplements than don’t forget to add additional fibre on your diet.

9. Alcohol:


If you already suffer from constipation, than you need to avoid alcohol, because it increase the risk of get being constipated.

Because it dehydrate your body also slow down the digestion process, Which can make the symptoms of constipation worse.

So Limit your alcohol intake, and try to consume more water.

10. White Bread:

White Bread

Whole grain breads help to relieve from constipation, but White Bread can cause of it or worsen it.

This also applicable for other products those are made from white flour, such as crackers, bagels and pretzels.

White flour don’t contains any fibre but it high in starch, due to this reason it increase the chance of get being constipated.

11. Bananas:

Unripe banana for constipation

Ripe Banana help to avoid constipation, but if you consume unripe banana than it can cause constipation because unripe banana contains lot of starch. Which can difficult to digest for our body.

Banana contains dietary fibre (pectin), which consume water from intestine.

If you are already dehydrated than unripe banana can make constipation worse.

If your babies eat too many bananas at a time, than it increase the risk for constipation for your baby.

Moderation and variety of fruits and veggies for your baby is the key.

12. Chewing Gum:

Chewing gum

If you already suffer from Constipation then you need to avoid Caffeine. Because Caffeine can cause of slow down bowel movement.

Caffeine is a stimulant, which can cause a person to have more intestinal stools or excess diarrhea.

If a person is dehydrated, then caffeine and chocolate can make constipation worse.

13. Gluten containing foods:

Gluten contains food

Gluten is a type of protein found in grain such as barley, rye, wheat but some people get being constipated, when they consume foods that contain gluten.

Some people are gluten intolerant, this condition also known as Celiac Disease.

So if you are gluten intolerant you need to avoid gluten contains food

14. Persimmon:


Persimmon is a popular fruit in Asia, Sweet Persimmon are normally good, but astringent persimmons contains too much tannins.

Which can slow down the bowel movement and increase the chance of constipation.

So if you want to consume persimmon try to consume sweet persimmon.

15. Fried Foods

Fried Foods for constipation

Fried Foods such as onion rings, doughnuts, french fries, or deep fried foods like chicken, fish also slow down your bowel movement.

These types of food can cause of Constipation. So if you already suffer from it you need to avoid deep fried foods.

Try to consume baked or boiled food instead of deep fried foods.


I hope you already understand What foods causes constipation. Here we share some foods but you need to avoid all those unhygienic and unhealthy foods.

Always try to consume foods those are high in soluble fibre and low in fat and try to drink 10-12 Glass of water daily.

But if you’re still experiencing symptoms of constipation after cut your intake of constipating foods, than you need to consult your doctor for recommend additional dietary strategies and lifestyle.

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