How to download PUBG PC Lite easily

Are you a PUBG lover? want to play pubg game again, then we have good news for you. PUBG Mobile and PUBG pc lite back in India, here we share how to download PUBG PC lite.

We all know due to security reason PUBG Game ban in India, after banning in India PUBG Corporation take some major step to back in India, they also change their data server.

So hello guys we are vmoda in this article we are going to talking about how to download PUBG PC lite again, So let’s start to read this article.

Overview of PUBG MOBILE

PUBG MOBILE or Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online multiplayer royale battle game.

It’s published and developed by PUBG Corporation.

PUBG Corporation is a subsidiary company of South Korean video game developer company Bluehole. This game based on previous mods that were developed by Brenden.

How to download PUBG pc lite

This game inspired by the Japanese film Battle Royale and this game expanded into a standalone game under Greene’s creative direction.

In PUBG PC lite game up to 100 players parachutes onto a sea island and find battle equipment to kill the enemy and try to avoiding getting killed themselves.

The safe area of this game’s decreases in size over time and directing surviving players into small area to encounters.

The last survived team or player standing wins the game round and get chicken dinner.

Short overview of PUBG MOBILE Game

Here we share a short overview of pubg PC lite game, So let’s started.

PublishersPUBG Corporation
DevelopersPUBG Corporation
ProducerKim Chang-han
DirectorsBrendan Greence and Jang Tae-Seok
ArtistJang Tae-Seok
DesignerBrendan Greence
EngineUnreal engine 4
ComposerTom Salta
PlatformsAndroid, IOS, Microsoft Windows, Play Station 4, Xbox one, Stadia.
ReleaseFor Windows: 20th December 2017, For Android and IOS: 19th March 2018, For Xbox one: 4th September 2018, For Play Station 4: 7th December 2018, Stadia: 28th April 2020.
ModeMulti player
GenreBattle Royale

Players Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) was first published for Windows (beta version) in march 2017
, and fully release in December 2017. For ios and android was released in 2018.

Battle Ground is one of the most popular, best selling and most played battle video game of all time.

As per recent data it’s sold approx 70 million copies on PC and game console.

PUBG pc lite user approx 734 million and grossing nearly 3.5 billion dollars on mobile devices.

This game also won Game of the year award, currently this game has been banned in some major countries including India, for addictive and harmful for younger players.

Why PUBG Mobile game banned in India

The respective Indian government authorities recently banned PUBG Mobile and PC lite game in the country under the section 69a of the IT Act.

The ban stated that the PUBG mobile app stolen public data that are harmful for security and defence of the country.

PUBG Mobile game also banned by some other countries such as JORDAN, NEPAL, CHINA, IRAQ, ISRAEL and some countries also plan to ban pubg mobile game in the near future.

According to a report there are main 3 reasons as to why most countries are banning pubg mobile, such as it’s too much addictive, pubg mobile doesn’t care about players health and also pubg propagates violence.

As per some trusted source PUBG Corporation talks with airtel and reliance to bring the game back in India.

This would allow partial Indian ownership also data being stored in the local server according to the countries law.

Download PUBG PC lite

PUBG Game to return in India

This time is really special for PUBG Mobile users after the ban in India, South Korean game company announced PUBG PC lite back to India with all new avatars.

PUBG Corporation already teaming-up with Microsoft to bring back to India.

PUBG Corporation also declared that it will be investing $100 million in India to re marketing in India.

They also encouraging users to embrace esports, game streaming etc.

PUBG also said they planned to make investments for India exclusive esports events. Which will feature in the biggest prize pools, and best tournament production.

Recently PUBG Corporation announced that it’s rescinding the publishing and data processing right for Tencent for PUBG Mobile game in India.

PUBG game recently changed their server Tencent to Microsoft azure.

PUBG Corporation also said, “Security and Privacy of Indian users data being a top priority for PUBG.

Company will conduct daily verification and audits on the data storage system holding Indian users, also they ensure that data of Indian users is safely managed.”

PUBG Corporation also said that they expect to re-launch PUBG Mobile and PC lite Game in India before this year End.

How to download PUBG PC Lite Game

After the re-launch PUBG PC lite game in India, you can download this game from any Play store, and Microsoft store. We also add a special link in this article to download PUBG Mobile and PUBG pc lite game.

Also you can search on google to downlad PUBG PC Lite game’. You can also visit PUBG PC lite downlod page by clicking this button.

Download PUBG PC lite


I hope you already understand how to download pubg pc lite game, after banning in India, pubg change their server and try to back in India, after re launch in India you can easily download pubg game from any app store.

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