Apple Wax Side Effects, 4 ways to safe from this

Apple Wax Side Effects, 4 ways to safe from this

Do you love to eat apple? If your answer is yes then do you know some dealers place wax on the apple? Here we share Apple Wax Side Effects.

Apple is a fruit and it’s content high amount of water.

To protect itself from bacteria, apple has a natural wax coating over its surface.

The natural coating of apple gets washed with water.

Due to this reason, the apple loses its shine and becoming dull.

To revive the shine of apple, dealers place wax on the apple.

Apple Wax Side Effects


This method is known to as Edible Coating. The wax gives a shiny & glossy look to the apples.

This apple looks simply attracts more buyers.

Also, this wax coating helps in maintaining the apples for a long time.

Therefore, placing wax on apples also helps in improving the storage life and provides safety against fungus.

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How to Identify Wax on Apples?

In maximum cases, the extra glossy & shiny look of fruits suggest wax coating.

But, there are different ways you can verify the presence of wax on apples.

Use a knife, then scratch the surface lightly. This will leave residues of wax on the knife.

Rub the apple on your palm. Doing this it’s will leave whitish powder on your palm.

This whitish powder indicate wax coating.

Types of Wax Used on Fruits:

The wax used on vegetables and fruits are food grade wax.

This type of coating is Edible Synthetic Coating.

This is not harmful because these waxes are derived from natural resources.

Some of the waxes which might be used for edible artificial coating are listed below:

FDA permits certain types of wax coating.

But, keep in mind that the human body isn’t capable of digesting excessive amounts of wax.

Apple Wax Side Effects:

Side Effects Of wax

The natural or herbal wax coating on fruits and vegetables is safe to eat.

But, the artificial, synthetic wax placed on apples isn’t easily digested on your body.

This unabsorbed wax remains in your small intestine.

This wax can cause some serious problem in your digestive gadget.

Other Side Effects of Apple Wax Include:

  • It Can cause ulcers in the lining of the stomach & small intestine.
  • It Can cause different type of infections to your gastro-intestinal tract.
  • Digestive issues
  • Respiratory problems

How to Remove Wax on Apples?

It is always a very good choice to remove the wax before you eat apples, whether wax are dangerous or not.

It is really advisable to wash vegetables and fruits before you eat them.

But,washing them with water is not enough?

4 methods for removing wax from vegetables and fruits:

Now here we share 4 best methods for removing wax from fruits and vegetables.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Use a cloth or towel to wipe the apple with the Apple cider vinegar.

Then re wash the fruit with water.

2. Baking Soda and Lemon Juice

Mix 1 tablespoon baking soda & lemon juice in water.

Dip the apple in the combination and scrub with the using a vegetable brush.

Rinse them using water.

3. Wash Using Hot Water

Dip the apple in warm water for a few seconds.

Take out the apple from the warm water, then wash it again the using normal tap water.

4. Vinegar

Scrub the apple using vinegar. Then rinse with normal tap water before you eating.

Few people peel off the apple, then eat it. But, this isn’t suggested, as the peel contain lots of nutrients.

You can use any of this method to put off or remove the wax layer.

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