16 Japanese Beauty Secrets

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The Japanese women have always be careful for her beautiful healthy skin and hair. Here we share 16 Japanese Beauty Secrets.

It’s doesn’t matter what their age!

How they do this to look so perfect & natural all the time?

We do not know much about them.

But a some Japanese beauty secrets and techniques are now out in the open world.

We are Vmoda in this article we are going to discuss about 16 Japanese beauty secrets and techniques that you could try out for yourself.

What is Komenuka

Japanese beauty secrets

Japanese women’s have lots of beauty secrets, and one of their best ones is komenuka.

If you’re hunt for an all-natural remedy to get radiant & youthful beauty, then this article is only for you.

For  of years now, Japanese women’s depends on komenuka for fighting with all types of skin and hair problems.

Komenuka is rice bran wash — it’s the water that is used for washing the rice bran before it’s cooked.

Health-conscious women’s are already know why whole grains are healthiest ingredients on the face.

It’s a fact that the most nutritious whole grain foods parts they have remain intact.

One of those is the known as bran, and it’s a outer layer of grains.

What makes bran so healthy for the body, because it’s rich in healthy fiber.

Nutrition expect are also say bran is also contain amino acids, good fat, minerals and antioxidants.

So it’s the amazing nutritional profile of bran, why it can also be excellent for the skin.

100 years ago Japanese women’s are discovered the beauty benefits of rice bran wash, which they call komenuka.

In these days various beauty products that contain komenuka.

When you listen Japanese women, then you think of good looking fair skin that looks smooth & young.

It’s doesn’t matter what their age!

The Japanese women have always be careful for her beautiful healthy skin and hair.

How they do this to look so perfect & natural all the time?

We do not know much about them, but a some Japanese beauty secrets and techniques are now out in the open world.

It’s just for them who admire their looks,

These are very easy to follow & the effects are quite similar.

Let’s talk about

Top 16 Japanese beauty Secrets:

Now it’s time to discuss about some japanese beauty secrets, let’s begin

1. Vitamin C:

The Japanese women’s use Vitamin C in their everyday life.

Their every day diet include of oranges that deoxidize & breakup melanin.

This is the top secret of their fair complexion.

It helps to remove any type of pigmentation marks & gives a excellent skin tone.

2. Adzuki:

The Japanese women use Adzuki in their daily life.

Which is a red bean, as part of their skin care routine. Adzuki is a 100 years old ingredients.

The Japanese women rub it gently on their face. This helps in giving smooth & blemish free skin.

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3. Herbal Oils:

Japanese women use herbal oils to clean and tone their faces.

You can try the same, just use of any natural oils for the same.

4. Fish:

Their diet include fish everyday, fish contain high amount of Omega-3. This helps to promote healthy & glowing skin.

5. Komenuka Rice Bran:

Komenuka rice bran wash helps to nourish the skin & prevent wrinkles.

It is also very effective in removing dark circles & helps get you a flawless complexion.

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6. Herbs:

Herbs are also helps to fight dryness & more enhance the skin’s beauty.

7. Exfoliation:

Japanese women often exfoliate their skin regularly using a clear gel.

This helps to remove dull & dead skin cells from their faces.

You can use a natural exfoliating scrub.

Wakame kelp

8. Wakame Kelp:


Wakame kelp is the type of sea algae that helps to protects the skin from harmful UV rays & pollution.

It also protects from fine lines and dark circles under eyes.

9. Green Tea:

Japanese are drink few cups of green tea in their every day life.

Green tea helps to slow down the aging process and maintains the skin youthful.

10. Treating Acne Naturally:

The Japanese women’s treat acne as naturally as possible.

They use turmeric and tea tree oil for treat acne naturally.

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11. Seaweed:

Seaweed helps to toning & cleansing the skin.

You get both glowing skin & decreased pore size from this beauty ingredients.

12. Bird Droppings:

The Japanese women using bird droppings facials and this is popularly known as Uguisu.

It has a natural enzyme that leaves the skin soft and supple.

13. Camellia

Camellia is a floral oil.

It helps to fight the signs and symptoms of ageing, softens fine lines & wrinkles & restores moisture balance in dry skin.

Apply it on skin for better results.

14. Regular Walks:

The Japanese are a highly health conscious people in the world.

They believe in the benefits of walks,and it’s helps the tighten skin.

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Japanese Foot Care Secrets:

15. Fish Therapy:

To remove the dead cells from their feet, the Japanese women’s dip their feet into a small pond filled with toothless fish.

These fish scrape off the dead cells from the feet, and helps to smooth heels & look healthy

Japanese Straight Hair secrets

16. Hair Straightening:

Get Japanese women’s like hair texture by using the Japanese hair straightening treatment.

The beauticians are create a non-coating, straightening process that uses the heat oxidation system.

This technique helps to seal in & rebuild hair from the inside using a combination of patented chemicals & irons.

A good quality protein conditioner is applied to the hair, which is a solution of thioglycolate.

Using a roller-ball dryer then adds heat & softens the hair.

The method ends with a warm ceramic straightening iron,& the result can last for 4-6 months.

Using these Japanese beauty techniques is possible to your each day life too.

Give them at least some weeks to see visible good results.

Here are a few beauty benefits of komenuka:

Japanese beauty secrets

Here we share some Komenuka beauty Benefits.

It Hydrates Deeply

Thanks to the beneficial healthy fatty acids present in komenuka.

It’s highly capable of prevent the skin from becoming excessively dry.

Every beauty conscious women already know the importance of daily moisturizing the skin.

Heals The Skin

Komenuka rich in amino acids, amino acids are the building blocks of protein.

This is actually the reason why this historic Japanese beauty secrets is ideal for the skin that is something that’s out of protein.

Those amino acids present in komenuka helps to repair & make strengthen your skin.

Helps To Removes Dead Skin Cells

Komenuka is also helps to remove dead skin cells.

So in other words, Komenuka shows a mild exfoliating properties.

This is exactly why komenuka can help make the complexion look more radiant

It Helps To Prevents Pimples

Since komenuka helps to remove dead skin cells.

It is also capable of maintaining the pores clog-free.

Having pores that are clean it also helps to preventing the formation of blackheads & whiteheads.

It Keeps the Scalp Healthy

A lot of Japanese girls additionally use komenuka for making their hair strong and shiny.

It’s also helps to boost up the hair growth. Additionally, komenuka used for treatment of scalp issue such as dandruff and eczema.

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