How To Wear Polo Shirts And Look More Attractive

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Do you ever try polo shirt? Do you love to wear polo shirts? If your answer is yes, let’s try to discuss about How To Wear Polo Shirts.

The is so simple but worthy piece of clothing.

As a classic dress alternative, you can very easily dress this up or down, because of its distinctive collar, button & breathable fabric.

It is an item you can easily wear to any occasion. also any kind of weather, here’s the best simple and easy way to wear polo shirt.

How to wear polo shirts

We are Vmoda in this article we are going to talk about How to Wear Polo shirts and different style so let’s start to read this article.

How to wear polo shirts and enhance your style

Now it’s time to briefly discuss about how to wear polo shirts.

Long Sleeve

Long sleeve polo shirts style

Basically it’s  normally seen in the warmer months, it does not mean they are exclusive to summer season.

Long sleeve look superb when the temperature drops & they can be easily styled in several ways.

For a casual look, just wear this with chinos, sneakers & a good quality leather jacket it is a great combination that looks extremely good on everyone.

It is an excellent choice for those boring days where you do not know what to wear & how to style.

It is very simple to dress up or down & this style works in every season.

Short Sleeve

Short sleeve polo shirts style

Show off your muscular handsome biceps & do it in style with this.

The very classic design behind this dress is never out of style & it is works very nicely when you wear this dress with jeans, chinos or trousers.

Dress it up by layering with a blazer & loafers, or also you can easily wear with sneakers & jeans.

You can style this in many ways, just need self confidence & you are set.

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Classic Cotton

How to wear polo shirts

The polo shirt  was first time invented in the late 10th century & it was the first item of apparel with button-down collars.

This traditional piece of clothing revolutionised menswear that we already know today, so why not try to wear with pride?

The traditional & classic fashion is vital for every wardrobe & can be dressed up for casual events.

For the perfect fitting, ensure the buttons do not sit too low otherwise it can simply look like a V-neck shirt.

Choose one that matched & suits your fashion sense & style & by the way do not be afraid to try a bold colour.

Knitted Polo Shirts

Knitted polo shirts work very nicely for warmer & cooler months.

It’s made from cotton or wool, It’s have a  cushy soft feel.

They look extremely good when you styled with a suede jacket & slim tapered trousers and it’s give you a 1950s Hollywood vibe.

What to Wear With a Polo Shirts

We are already talking about how to wear polo shirts, Let’s start to discuss about what to wear with a Polo shirts

Sweatpants and Polo Shirts

Keep it comfortable & cool with sweatpants. This dress give you a good casual vibe with the comfy bottoms.

Simply polish off your look just wearing a good sneakers & duffel bag.

If you look sloppy and you want to avoid this, make sure the overall clothes are nicely fitted & clean – there is a fine line between athleisure & messy.

Shorts and Polo Shirts

Shorts with polo shirt style

In the summer season, when you afraid to style with different clothes,then try a polo & shorts.

From denim to chinos, it is a comfortable outfit.

Options for monochrome looks to create a streamlined & timeless style or you can try a separate combination.

For casual days, make sure the polo shirt is untucked & nicely fitted.

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Blazer and Polo Shirts

Blazer with polo shirts style

From a casual dinner date with your buddy to business days.

This shirt with a good blazer nicely work together.

If you going to attend a more formal events, Just wear a white or black polo with a dark colour suit.

Chinos and Polo Shirts

Chinos and Polo Shirts style

If you going to attend a semi formal & casual events.

Chinos are a good choice to complete off an outfit with a polo shirt.

Keep your look more polished then tucking your shirt into the pants, and wear a good quality white sneakers, loafers, boat shoes or you can try derby footwear.

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Polo Shirts Style for Men

Now it’s time to know how to style with polo shirts

Casual occasion

Polo are an ideal & good clothing choice for casual events.

They look excellent when you paired with jeans, sweatpants or shorts.

But you also have the option to try many different types of shoes like loafers, sneakers, boat shoes & espadrilles for a comfortable Miami vibe.

Smart Casual Events

Add a comfortable vibe to any casual outfit by wear & rocking a polo shirt with trousers & a blazer.

It is a classier opportunity to the traditional shirt & is easy to dressed up or down.

Darker colour like navy gray & charcoal are an immediately combo for a sophisticated look.

However don’t be afraid to inject a pop of colour, so you can actually stand out.

Some Tips For How to Wear a Polo Shirts

  • Keeping the top buttons of shirt done up is an simple & easy way to create a polished look.
  • The fitting should not be too tight or free, so ensure you can move around easily.
  • For formal occasions, it’s better to tuck into your pants.
  • Dress this dress with a blazer to make your better.

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