How To Wear Monk Strap Shoes 3 Best Style Tips

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Do you ever try Monkstrap Shoe? Monkstrap Shoe Is One Of The Best Shoe For All Time, so here we discuss how to wear monk strap shoes.

It Is Very Stylish And Made For Gentle Man.The Monkstrap Shoe’s Design Is Highly Crafted, Making It Perfect For All Formal Occasions.

Also Monkstrap Makes Any Outfit Perfect, So You Can Make Your Style More Rocking With Monkstrap Shoes.

How to wear monk strap shoes

We Are Vmoda In This Article We Are Going To Share How to wear Monk Strap Shoes Style Tips So Let’s Start To Read This Article.

History Of Monkstrap Shoe:

Monkstrap Shoe First Made In Europe In The 15th Century.

This Shoe Was Made Especially For Monks, Because At That Time The Monks Were Busy With Worship And Social Work And Manual Labor.

The Monks Who Lived In The Hills Needed A More Protective Shoes Than Their Traditional Sandals To Do Their Manual Labor Properly.

So The Monkstrap Shoe Was Created As A Result Which Is The Closed Toe Version Of The Strapped Sandal Shoe.

For The Past Several Centuries, The Monk Strap Has Replaced The Normal Stylish Shoe In The Wardrobe Of Stylish People.

This Style Became Very Popular In The 17-1800s,But The Monkstrap Shoe Goes Back To The Fashion Trend In The 20th Century.

After That Some Stylistic Changes Were Made, But It Has Not Been Out Of Fashion Trends For Long.

This Time It Is A Necessary Item Of Formal Dressing.

Single Monkstrap Vs Double Monkstrap:

Again The Same Question Single Strap Or Double Strap? Many Discussions On This Question Have Finally Become Controversial.

However, It Depends Entirely On Your Personal Preference.

Both Single Or Double Are Unique, But Double Monk Straps Make Your Overall Look Versatile.

Meanwhile The Single Monk’s Strap Is Pocket Friendly And Has A Cleaner Silhouette. Making It Suitable For Business And Formal Occasions Wear.

On The Other Hand, Double Monkstrap Gives You The Opportunity To Show Your Personality.

Double Monkstrap Is Suitable For Business And Formal Occasion As Well As Wedding And Party Occasion.

3 Ways For How To Wear Monk Strap Shoes

Monk strap shoes style

Here we share some style tips and tricks for how to wear monk strap shoes.

Monkstrap With A Suit:

A Good Tailored Suit With Monkstrap Shoes Is A Very Good Choice.

In Fact, It Is Very Important That You Have Atleast Two Monkstrap Shoes, One Black Color And The Other Is Brown Color.

When You Wear A Black Suit, Of Course A Black Color Monkstrap Is A Suitable Choice.

If You Wear Another Color Suit Like Gray, Nevy, Charcol And Bagie Then Brown Double Monkstrap Is A Good Choice.

You Can Also Try Forest Green Or Oxblood Color,Also Try Different Types Of Buckles For Twist.

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Monk Strap With Jeans:

Monkstrap With Slim-Fitted Jeans This Is A Great Choice, For Casual Look Just Wear A Tan Color Double Monk Strap With White T-Shirt And A Dark Blue Or Black Skinny Denim.

If You Want Smart Casual Look Just Wear Brown Color Single Monkstrap With A Well Tailored Slim Fit Blue Denim And An Oxford Shirt And A Blazer.

Brown Color Leather Single Monkstrap Is More Versatile And Always Good Choice.

But Tan Color Looks Good With Jeans, If You Find Yourself A Bit Bold.

You Can Try Other ‌‌‌‌‌‌‌Color Such As Forest Green, Deep Blue, Mustard Yellow And Tan.

Color And If You Want To Be A Bit Adventurous Then Try Leopard Pattern Vamp With Monkstrap

Monkstrap With Chino Shorts:

Handling A Dress Shoe With Chino Shorts Is Very Tricky, But We’ve Shown That When You Wear Monkstrap Shoe With Shorts.

You Should Definitely Try Double Monkstrap, Because It’s Bulkier Silhouette Work Nicely For A Casual Look.

The Monkstrap Can Be Called The Cousin Of The Lofar So It Can Be Wear Without Socks, And For This Reason It Is Very Suitable For Smart Casual Or Casual Look.

Try Wearing A Slim Fit Chino Shorts And Follow The Same Color Combinations As The Suit(We Are Discuss This Topic Already).

If You Want To Wear Shorts In Summer Just Try Brown Color Double Monkstrap With Navy Or Green Linen Shirt And A Slim Fit Beige Or White Shirts.

If You Want To Carry Friday Casual Office Look Just Try Black Double Monkstrap With Oxford Shirt And Black Color Chino Shorts With Tie And Blazer.

You Can Try A Navy Shorts With Double Monkstrap And Creamy Blazer And Oxford Shirt For Afternoon Drink.

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How To Wear Monk strap Shoes For Different Look

How to style with Monk strap shoes

Let’s start to discuss about how to wear monkstrap for different look.

Casual Look:

Monkstrap Shoes Can Easily Be Wear For A Casual Look.

Casual Look For Winter Season Try Brown Color Monkstrap With Gray Or Navy Chinos, And A Good Quality Sweater.

Casual Look For Summer Wear Dark Blue Jeans With Open Neck Oxford Shirt And Double Monkstrap Is A Good Choice.

For A Simple Look Black T-Shirt With Gray Trousers And A Black Monkstrap Shoe Is A Perfect Choice.

Smart Casual Look:

Smart Casual Look Is Ideal For Your Friday Office Look Or Lunch. Try A Light Colored Monkstrap Shoe With Chino Shorts, And A Semi Casual Shirt With A Blazer.

You Can Try Neutral Colored Chinos Or Trousers With Untucked Linen Shirts, And A Waistcoat & Double Monkstrap.

Neutral Color For Work Wear Is Most Suitable, Just Try Brown Leather Single Monkstrap With Beige Chinos Or Trousers With White Oxford Shirt, Pin-Rolled Trousers.

For Winter Season,You Can Easily Try Double Monkstrap And A Neutral Button Down Oxford Shirt With Blazer Or Cardigan.

Semi Formal Look:

Semi Formal Look Is Mostly For Weddings And Parties.

The Semi-Formal Dress Is More Comfortable & Relaxed Than The Formal Dress Code, But, It Maintain Its Look More Sophisticated.

For Semi Formal Look You Can Choosen Neutral Or On-Trend Color With Any Type Of Monkstrap.

You Can Try Roll Neck Or Polo Shirt With Single Strap Monks, Double Monkstrap Work Well With Chinos And Blazer Combination, With An Oxford Shirt And Fashion Accessories Like Sunglass Etc …

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Formal Look:

Monkstrap Shoe Is A Really Awesome Choice For Formal Dress Code.

For General Corporate Look Just Wear Black Suit With White Shirt And Black Color Single Monkstrap Shoe.

You Can Experiment With Some Other Formal Occasions, As You Can Wear Three Piece Suit With Oxford Shirt And Tie With A Double Monkstrap.

You can Try A Light Color Suit With Forest Green Monkstrap Shoe.

Also Leather Burgundy Monkstrap Shoe Work Well With Dark Brown Or Navy Suits, You Can Also Try This.

Quick Tips:

  • For Formal Occasion And Business Dress Code, Single Monkstrap Is Perfect Choice
  • Double Monkstrap Is Best For Weeding Or Party Or Any Other Semi Formal Occasions
  • If You Want To Make Statement Try Forest Green, Mustard Yellow Or Oxblood And Deep Blue Colour.
  • When You Wear Monkstrap Shoe With Chino Shorts Don’t Wear Socks.

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