How To Shave Neck Beard Effectively Step by Step

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Do you like to keep the beard? Your beard may be the most beautiful beard, but if you have a messy neckline,it looks very ugly, here we share how to shave neck beard!

It’s very easy to trimming your neck beard. However It’s very important to finding the correct line and tidying up your edges.

Little hair on your neck can add some depth and fullness to a longer beard. But regular maintenance it’s still very essential.

So hello guys we are Vmoda in this article we are going to talking about how to shave neck beard. So let’s start to read this article.

What Is Neck Beard?

How to shave neck beard


Neck beard is a type of beard that means hair grows along the neck and throat. It grows faster than the beard of other parts and it tends to be patchier.

Due to different growth directions, This area should be cleaned up regularly, otherwise it can ruin your whole look.

5 Steps For How To Shave Neck Beard

Now it’s time to share step by step guide for how to shave neck beard.

1. Getting Started

How To Shave Neck Beard

Trimming your neck beard it’s very easier like cutting any other part of your beard.

You will need some instruments and ingredients such as comb a razor or trimmer and 2 clear mirror one is fixed and other is hand-held.

if you are growing your beard out, you need to check in about once a month for a perfect trim.

If you like to maintain short beard than you need to trim little bit regularly.

2. Define the Neckline

Define your neckline

The very first and obviously important step is to identify what hair you want to keep and what you need to cut.

To do this, you imagine a line from one ear lobe to the other ear lobe over your neck, about an inch above your Adam’s Apple.

Any hair below this line you need to clean.

Use your razor or trimmer to make a neat edge & shave below that line.

But keep in mind if you want to keep longer beard, this neck beard line may need to little bit lower at the bottom edge of your beard.

If you doing this you will enhance the depth & fullness of your beard.

But shave any hair below the lower edge of your beard, it’s make your look more neat and polished.

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3. Take Out the Weight

Step by step guide for shaving neck beard

Next important step is you need to found where your beard growing faster.

If you found, under the chin is one of those areas. Take your trimmer, and perfectly remove any bulky tufts of hair.

If you do it correctly, you will see when you raise your chin, the hairs have formed a straight line from the chin to the neck.

4. Shape the Sides and Cheeks

Shape the Sides and Cheeks

You already tidied up your neck beard but you will to make sure your other edges are looking neat.

To shape up your side edges effectively you need to use your trimmer and properly trim in line with the back edge of your sideburns.

It’s create a strong line, depending on your beard goals and face shape you can leave the bottom edge or round it out, squared off.

The next step is your cheek lines. The easiest way to start is to follow the natural beard growth line and just use your trimmer or razor to tidy up the edge.

Also you can try some different line up techniques, it’s totally depends on your beard goals and how long you’ve been growing your beard.

5. Refine The Shape

Refine the shape

The last step is to refine the whole shape of your beard, then you need to look for longer patches,and also carefully trim them to the same level as the rest of your beard.

Often, these patches will be around your face. If you have a mustache, you can trim that edge to clean it.

If you are happy with your look and the overall shape of your beard message some beard balm or beard oil for add moisture.

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I hope you already understand how to shave neck beard properly.

But remember always try to trim little bit everyday for maintain better look. Also use beard oil or beard cream for moisture.

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