How To Prevent Arthritis naturally, 7 Ultimate Tips

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You can not always prevent arthritis. Some causes, such as increasing family, age, gender, history are out of your control. Here we share ultimate guide for How to Prevent Arthritis naturally.

There are more than 100 types of arthritis.

But most common types are Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), Psoriatic arthritis (PsA), Osteoarthritis (OA).

Each types of arthritis develops differently, but all are very painful and can lead to loss of deformity and function.

But here are we share few health habits you can practice to decrease the chance of developing painful joints.

How to prevent arthritis naturally

Many of these healthy habits like eating, exercising prevent other disease too.

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How to Prevents Arthritis naturally , 6 Health Habits

Now many of us waiting for know about how to prevent arthritis naturally.

Here we share some health habits. Let’s begin.

1. Eat Fish:

Some fish are rich in very healthy omega 3 fatty acids and Polyunsaturated Fat.

Omega 3’s have many health benefits and it’s helps to inflammation in the body.

A Research of the Rheumatic Arthritis found that women who eat fresh fish regularly may be at lower chance of Rheumatic Arthritis.

The USDA(United States Department to Agriculture) eating high omega-3 contain fish like Trout, Mackerel, Salmon, Sardine atleast two times per week.

2. Control Your Weight:

Your knees helps to maintain your body weight, being overweight can take a real toll on them.

According to Johns Hopkins if you are only 10 pounds overweight the force on your knees increase by 30-60 pounds for each step.

Overweight women are four times more chance to develop knee osteoarthritis,

Than women of a normal weight.

Diet and exercise can helps to maintain your Healthy weight.

3. Exercise 

Exercise not only helps to takes the stress of excess weight of your joints.

It’s also helps to strengthens the muscles around the bone joints.

To maximize the Benefits Of exercise, you can add aerobic exercise on your exercise chat.

Such as swimming or walking with strengthening exercise.

Also you can add some stretching exercise to maintain flexibility and range of motion.

4. Avoid Injury:

Over time your joints can start to wear out.

But when injure your bone joints you can damage the cartilage and cause it to wear out more quickly.

To safe from injury always use proper safety equipment and learn correct exercise techniques.

Get rid from arthritis


5. Protect Your Joints:

Using the exact techniques when working, sitting and lifting can help protect joints from daily strains.

For example lift with your hips and knees, not your back when picking up objects.

Always carry items close to your body so you do not put too much strain on your wrists.

If you have to seat for long times at work, make sure that your legs, back and arms are well supported.

Not only follow this health habits, you can also drink this 7 Drinks to prevent arthritis.

7 Drinks to Prevent Arthritis

Arthritis prevention drink


Here we share 7 Drinks for prevent arthritis naturally.

1. Juices

Tomato, orange, carrot and pineapple juices are all rich in vitamin C.

This means that they contain antioxidant properties.

That can neutralize unwanted  free radicals that lead to inflammation.

Tart cherry juice has been reported to frequently reduce osteoarthritis symptoms and protect towards gout flares.

But, be sensible when you drinking juice, as it is high in sugar and calories.

Talk with your doctor in case you are a fan of grapefruit juice.

Because it can alter or inactivate the effect of many medication.

2. Milk

Some people will say that you have to go dairy-free when you suffer from arthritis.

But there’s no studies to signify that’s truely the case.

Studies showed no difference between RA patients who’re on a dairy-free diet program, and people who still consume it.

Drinking milk can also help in stopping gout and in preventing the progression of osteoarthritis.

Choose low-fats milk to avoid consuming more saturated fat and calories.

3. Red Wine

Red wine includes a compound known as Resveratrol.

That’s widely recognized for its anti inflammatory properties.

Regular intake of red wine has been associated with a decrease chance of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

But, you must drink it in moderation. Too much wine, or alcohol does the opposite of what you need.

It inflames tissues, while additionally causing dehydration, leaving joints swollen and achy.

To get the benefit of red wine, stick to 1 glass every day for women and 2 for men.

4. Tart Cherry Juice

Many juices are contains excessive amount of vitamin C that can offer powerful antioxidant benefits.

Antioxidants can help neutralize the unwanted free radicals that purpose bodily inflammation.

But, fruit juice is excessive in calories and sugar, with none of the fiber present in entire fruit.

It is better to simply eat the fruit rather than drink juice.

Tart cherry juice is the exception to this, because it has been stated to prevent flare-ups of gout.

At the same time it’s also lowering osteoarthritis signs.

If you have already got arthritis a juice which you may need to keep away from grapefruit juice.

As this juice alters the effect of various medicines.

5. Smoothies

Smoothies are healthier compared to normal juice due to the fact they keep the fiber of the whole fruit.

Also, smoothies are wonderful way to eat your vegetables, in particular ones that you do not like so much on their own.

Adding a few kale or spinach with a banana and berry mixture may make the colour less appetizing.

However you will not even taste it!

You can add some yogurt to get your probiotics.

Which are good bacteria that control the health of your gut, whilst additionally reducing inflamation.

6. Tea

Tea is one of the most-studied liquids when it comes to the advantages for arthritis sufferers.

White, green and black teas are all packed with polyphenols.

Which are compounds from plants that include powerful anti-inflammatory effects.

The maximum polyphenol levels can be discovered in white and green teas.

Green tea is considered because the most beneficial, polyphenol or known as epigallocatechin 3-gallate (EGCG).

When it comes to antioxidant properties. EGCG has been reported to be as plenty as a hundred times stronger than vitamins E and C.

Studies confirmed it also helps keep bone and cartilage.

Even though there are not any considerable controlled trials of it in people with arthritis.

7. Water

Water is a magical liquid in the world, it’s water.

Hydration is vital for flushing toxins out of your body.

Which can help combat inflammation.

Adequate water intake can help maintain your joints nicely lubricated.

Whilst additionally stopping gout attacks. Drinking water before your meal can also help you eat less.

Therefore, promoting weight reduction.

See Your Doctor:

If you start to develop arthritis please consult your doctor.

The damage from arthritis is normally progressive means the longer you wait to find treatment, the more destruction can occur to the bone joint.

Your doctor able to suggest treatment or lifestyle that can slow down your arthritis and preserve your mobility.

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