How to fix Patchy beard, 8 Effective Tips For It

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A thick fuller beautiful beard is desired by every man, But unfortunately, many of us have patchy beards. Don’t worry here we share how to fix patchy beard.

It’s not a shame to have a patchy beard, it’s very normal, there’s nothing to worry about.

If you notice that your beard has grown unevenly, there are several ways you can fix it.

In this article we have discussed some style tricks and tips on how to fix patchy beard and ways to promote beard growth.

So hello guys we are Vmoda in this article we are going to talk about ultimate guide for how to fix patchy beard, so let’s start to read this article.

Causes of Patchy Beard:

How to fix patchy beard

Firstly, if you have patchy beard it’s very normal and nothing to worry about it.

There are many reasons for uneven facial hair growth, such as hormonal imbalance, too much stress, fungal infection, dental problems and unhealthy lifestyle and diet can cause uneven beard growth and patchy beard.

If all the male members of your family have patchy beard then don’t worry about it, the main reason is your genetics.

However, you need to notice that you are suddenly losing hair or not!

If you get an opinion from an expert, you can find out the exact cause and the right way to fix it.

8 Tips For How to Fix Patchy beard

If you want to get a thicker fuller beautiful beard, give the beard time to grow and try to keep the long beard.

It can be very hard to resist the urge to shave or trim, but try to stay away from razor or trimmers, even if you plan to keep beard shorter.

Let your beard grow freely for a month, so you know how your beard grows and where the patches are forming.

This will help to cover your beard patches.

1. Keep It Trimmed

Trimmed beard properly

You can also minimised the appearance of patchy beard by trimming your facial hair. You can trim your beard creatively depending on where the patches are.

Then You need to trim the rest of your beard too short, So that the patches are not easily noticeable.

After trimming the beard for a long time, you should check whether the patchy beard is visible or not.Then you can go out of the house.

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2. Clean Up the lines

Define your neckline

A patchy beard can cause you to look little bit messy.

So, keeping the beard growth lines clear will help you to make your patchy beard more clean and make it professional.

Always try to keep your sideburns neat & clean, make sure sideburns blend smoothly into your facial hair, it’s create a sharp border around the rest of your face.

Also try to maintain the border of your beard clean and neat especially around your jawline, cheekbones, lips and nose

Always try to maintain clean beard lines by trimming your beard regularly and styling it with comb and beard oil.

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3. Manage Uneven Growth

Manage beard

We already share some tips for how to fix patchy beard all these tips are helpful for your facial hair growth.

But in case if you find its patchy here we share some another ways to manage it.

You can trimmed your beard short it can help you to minimise the appearance of patches.

Or you can leave it to grow enough to cover the patches.

When you start to manage your beard length it’s may possible to your beard should be less noticeable.

When you start to manage your beard length, it’s can possible your patchy beard should be less noticeable.

You need to condition your facial hair and also take care of it. A well loved beard is a good looking and managed beard.

4. Condition Your Beard

How to fix patchy beard

Dry, rough and un managed facial hair can cause a patchy beard.

So take care of it using the tools and right products can make a big difference, not only the health of the facial hair but it also enhance the overall appearance.

A good beard balm and beard oil helps to maintain your beard health and its also good for hair follicles.

Try to use a skin exfoliant to remove dead cells from your face and prevent dry skin.

It will also help if you suffer from itchy beard disease.

When you remove dead cells and massage your skin it increase the blood flow, as a result it’s make your beard thicker, fuller and healthier.

5. Eat Well

Take good diet

A healthy diet and lifestyle is the most useful things you can do when you try to improve your health. But what you eat it’s definitely very important for your hair growth.

Drink enough ammount of Water as well as also increase the intake of Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Iron, Zinc, Omega 3 fatty acid also helps to promote and nourish your hair growth.

You can add some foods in your diet such as almonds, cauliflower, avocado, eggs, bananas, milk, peanuts, mushrooms, tuna, white meat, sunflower seeds and beef.

Some of the foods in this list contain Niacin it’s also helps to promote hair growth.

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6. Disguise The Blank Patches

How to fix patchy beard

Don’t be afraid to shade in smaller patches using eyebrow pencil. Many girls have been doing this for long years to get their eye brows.

So why aren’t you trying this?

It is a very effective and simple way to hide patches, but keep it mind this only works for small areas.

When you apply this tricks make sure you choose a perfect eyebrow pencil which matches your natural beard colour.

If you are unsure about it take help of your partner, female best friend or sister or you can ask the shop assistant for help.

7. Choose A Beard Style:

Beard style

Here we talking about how to fix patchy beard, if you really want to fix it, than choose your perfect beard style.

Choosing a perfect beard style according to your face shape it’s very important, but selecting the correct beard style based on your hair type is paramount.

If you choose the wrong style it could expose the appearance of your patches. Of choose right beard style it will help you to hide those unwanted patches.

From a Viking beard to simple classic there are so many option choose the perfect style for your beard.

If you not sure what types of beard good for you, you can seek the advice of your barber.

8. Avoid Hair Growth Products

Shape the Sides and Cheeks

There are many hair growth products available in the market which claims to promote your hair growth, but you should refrain from using them when it’s comes to your patchy beard.

Some hair products contains harsh chemicals and it’s dangerous for your skin also hair follicles.

A chemical compound called Minoxidil, if you use those products which contains minoxidil it’s highly dangerous for your skin.

It can cause dryness and other problems which can cause hair fall and making your beard patches worse.


I hope you already understand how to fix patchy beard, use all tricks and tips to get fuller, thicker healthy beard.

Always choose perfect style for beard to enhance your look more better.

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