7 Magical Health Benefits Of Walking Barefoot

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Walking is most efficient and effective workout, but if you walking barefoot it’s can be more beneficial, do you know health benefits of walking barefoot?

Walking barefoot, which is also called “earthing,”and it’s a scientifically proven exercise and it has many health benefits.

These include reducing heart disease chance, and it’s also helps to fight from free radicals by increasing antioxidant, and controlling blood pressure.

Earthing means to walk barefoot on grass, soil, or sand or any other natural surface.

Researchers confirmed that the health benefits come from the connection between the electrons in the earth & our bodies.

The Earth have its own natural charge, & we seem to do more better when we are in direct touch with it.

Health benefits of walking barefoot


So hello guys we are Vmoda in this article we are going to talk about Health benefits of Walking Barefoot, so let’s start to read this article.

Health Benefits of walking barefoot

  • Boost Energy Levels.
  • Controls Blood Pressure.
  • Greater Balance.
  • Greater Blood Circulation.
  • Helps Reduce Chronic Pain.
  • Healthier Feet.
  • Reduce Heart Disease Risk.

The straight forward health benefits of barefoot walking is restores our natural walking pattern.

It also known as our gait,” explains Dr. Jonathan Kaplan (foot & ankle expert & orthopedic surgeon) from Hoag Orthopaedic Institute.

But in case if you go to any sports centre and look at several types of shoes.

You will see that many of them have excessive cushioning & support.

This pillow-type padding can feel pretty comfortable when you walking or running in these types of shoes.

Dr. Bruce Pinker says this type of shoes can prevent you from using certain muscle groups that can strengthen your body

Top 7 Health Benefits of Walking Barefoot:

Now it’s time to explore some Health Benefits Of Barefoot Walking.

1. Boost Energy Levels

Any time When you come in contact with nature you pick up on the higher frequencies.

That is being emitted from nature and it’s helps to increase your own energy levels.

Exposure to modern society and lifestyle it can affect your vitality. Always try to spend time with nature as much as possible.

2. Controls Blood Pressure

Recently a research said that the nerves of the feet are stimulated when walking on barefoot.

This normally helps to reduce the stress levels.

When stress is released through earthing or barefoot walking, it helps to controlling the blood pressure.

It’s one of the greatest health benefits of walking barefoot.

3. Greater Balance

When someone walking on barefoot and feel the natural floor(ground).

It’s helps to remapping their minds for greater balance and also helps to stimulating new neural connection.

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4. Greater Blood Circulation

Going barefoot not just strengthen your feet and leg muscle.

But it helps to more blood flow to your legs to get them going.

Increased blood flow means less pains & aches, warmer feet & legs in the winter and less varicose veins.

Walking barefoot Benefits


5. Helps Reduce Chronic Pain

Researchers proved that the electrons presents in the earth it can helps to increase the immune system in your body.

Barefoot walking also helps to increases the oxygen levels of the body and thus, helps in lowering acute or chronic pain in your body.

Another good health benefits of walking barefoot.

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6. Healthier Feet

​Animal body works on the simple principle use it or lose it.

When you use your body part, you get to keep it. And when you don’t use it, it atrophies.

When you start walking on barefoot, your leg reawaken & therefore start to strengthen again.

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7. Reduce Heart Disease Risk

According to a research that become published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

Walking barefoot will increase the surface charge of red blood cells.

This can helps to reduction of clumping in the cells, which helps to decreases blood thickness.

Because blood thickness or high viscosity directly associated as a big risk factor in heart disorder

Walking barefoot reduces your risk of heart disease. 

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How do you properly walking barefoot?

Knowing how to walk on barefoot takes time, patience, and the proper information.

So, before you ditch your footwear in favour of a more natural technique to walking & exercise, there are some things to consider

Start slow: You must need to be patient and start with quick 15- to 20-minute session of walking barefoot.

When your feet comfortable to walking without shoes, you can start to increase the distance and time.

Practice on safe surface(indoor), when you mastered on it,try to walking on outside surface such as grass,sand beach etc..

Try those types of activity that requires you to be barefoot. like yoga, Pilates, or martial arts.

Examine your leg for injury.Every day examine the bottom of your feet for damage, as many have reduced sensation in their feet.

More strenuous activitys including barefoot walking or trekking or hiking should not be start until you’ve spent enough time to ready your feet for this type of activity.

If you’ve got pain on your heels after resting or have pain when you walk.

You need to go back to supportive footwear & start slowly again when your leg have healed.

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