3 Best Health Benefits Of Dragon Fruits,do you know this?

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Dragon fruit is a tasty tropical fruit that become popular in recent time, here we share What Is Dragon Fruit? Health Benefits of Dragon Fruits.

People basically enjoy it for its unique taste and look.

It’s not only Provide unique taste, it’s also provide many health benefits as well.

So hello guys we are Vmoda in this article we are going to talk about What Is Dragon Fruit? and Health benefits of dragon fruits,

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What is Dragon Fruit?

What is dragon fruit

The dragon fruit is bred in Hylosius cactus, It’s also known as the Honolulu queen and it’s flower only open at night.

The plant is actually native to southern Mexico & Central America.

Today, it’s farming all over the world

Dragon fruit also known as pitayastrawberry pear.

The most two common types have bright or shiny red skin with green scales that resemble a dragon —hence the name.

The maximum widely available variety has white colour pulp with black seeds.

Although a much less common type with red colour pulp and black colour seeds exists as well.

Another variety called yellow dragon fruit has yellow colour skin and white pulp with black seeds.

Dragon fruit’s flavors are similar to different fruits.

Its taste has been described as a slightly sweet go between a kiwi and a pear.

Dragon Fruit Nutrition Facts

Dragon fruit contains many different types of Nutrients, it’s also a good source of magnesium, iron and fiber.

Here we share Dragon Fruit Nutrition Facts for a serving of 100gm.

Content Quantity
Calorie 60 kcal
Protein 1.2 Grams
Fat 0 Grams
Carbs 13 Grams
Fiber 3 Grams
Vitamin C 3 % of the RDI
Iron 4% of the RDI
Magnesium 10 % of the RDI

It’s Provide high amount of magnesium and fiber, also low in calories, dragon fruit known as a highly nutrients contains food.

Dragon fruit also contains different types of Antioxidants.

Antioxidant is a types of chemical compounds that protect your body cells from free radicals.

Which are caused of aging and chronic disease.

Here we share some main Antioxidant contained in Dragon Fruit

Betalains: This antioxidant present in the pulp of red dragon fruit.

These bright red pigments helps to protect you from bad cholesterol (LDL), from becoming body cells oxidized or damage.

Hydroxycinnamates: This types of antioxidants have anti cancer properties.

Flavonoids: This diverse group of antioxidants helps to maintain better brain function and reduced coronary heart disease.

Health benefits of Dragon Fruits

Health Benefits of Dragon Fruits


Many Research proved that dragon fruit may provide many health benefits.

Because Dragon Fruit contains Antioxidant and Fiber.

Red and white both types of Dragon Fruit helps to reduce insulin resistance and fatty liver.

Dragon fruit also helps to reduce liver fat.

This fruit also contains prebiotic fiber that promotes the growth of beneficial gut bacteria.

Because of this reason it’s helps to proper digestion.

Dragon fruit also good for Diabetes.

Here is another 3 important health benefits of Dragon Fruits.

1. Improve heart health.

Cardiovascular illnesses remain to be a some of the most common motives of deaths in the USA.

Although in few cases they may be congenital & even hereditary, often the conditions are preventable.

One of the ways to maintain or preserve the coolest(good) condition of your heart is to consume a proper food .

Also you can add dragon fruit in your diet.

This fruit has very low ldl cholesterol & is rich is mono unsaturated fat.

Mono unsaturated fats help to increase good cholesterol.

Which works is to soften the plaques constructing on the wall of arteries, veins, and blood vessels.

It’s one of the most important health benefits of Dragon Fruits.

2. It’s helps to hold you younger.

The Fountain of Youth still remains elusive.

Which means whether or not you will grow old.

You will increase(develop) fine lines  & wrinkles for your skin.

Also your risk of growing critical illness like cancer is already very excessive due to the various DNA mutations your body.

However, there’s a way to postpone the symptoms of aging for as long as you can.

The dragon fruit is certainly not the be all, give up all on this thing.

However it can help gently because it’s full of antioxidants and vitamin C.

These stabilize free radicals and guard the cells from oxidative cells damage.

3. Balance your weight.

Do you still struggle keeping or dropping weight?

Aside from working out, you need to eat good and healthy meal.

Add a dragon fruit in your menu because it’s high in fiber.

Not only does it make you feel full for a long time & do away with waste buildup within the intestine.

It also decreases the percentages of sugar spikes.

Which can only make you hungry fast and liable to type 2 diabetes.

How to Eat It

Dragon Fruit is very easy to eat, select a good quality ripe fruit with bright red.

Use a knife and just cut straight through the fruit, slicing it in half.

You can simply eat this

Here are some ideas for serving dragon fruit:

Just simply slice it up & eat it as is.

Chop dragon fruit into small pieces & top with Greek yogurt & chopped nuts.

Include also it in a salad

Adverse Effects

Overall, dragon fruit looks to be safe.

But, some people may developed an hypersensitivity or allergic reaction in some cases.

In this two cases women have no history of allergies developed by anaphylactic reactions after consuming dragon fruit.

Many research confirmed that women’s have antibodies against dragon fruit in their blood.

These are only two types reported allergic reactions at this point.


Dragon fruit is very low in calories and it’s contains less sugar and less ammount of carbs.

It also offer some various health benefits, but more studies are needed.

Overall dragon is tasty, unique and it’s helps to add some variety on your diet.

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