10 Best Health Benefits Of Celery

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Have you ever consume Celery? If your answer is yes, then do you how healthy is it? Here we share Health benefits of Celery.

Celery is a vegetables,and it’s scientific name Apium Graveolens, it is one of the most healthy & nutritious food in the world.

The humble celery is mostly used with other fruits and vegetables to make uncooked, highly nutritious, and fresh juices.

But did you already know that pure fresh homemade celery juice contains  healing and regenerating properties.

Which are more suitable for your body.

The juice of homemade fresh raw celery is packed with various types of nutrients.

It contains nearly all vital & essential minerals, vitamins, stocked up energy and antioxidants.


Health benefits of Celery

It’s helps to maintain the natural, and optimal functions of the body.

We are Vmoda in this article we are going to talk about Health Benefits Of Celery, Celery Juice Recipe, so let’s start to read this article

Top 10 Health Benefits of Celery:

Ok so let’s read health benefits of celery, Celery juice benefits

1. Detoxifying and Cleansing

One of the most important Celery health benefits is,it is a superb detoxifier and internal cleaner for your body.

Hydrating & highly alkalizing, many nutrients present in freshly homemade juiced celery are especially cleaning your kidneys.

Benefits of celery juice: Raw juice recipes that contains celery as main ingredients are even advisable for the treatment of kidney stones.

Also, celery juice can be a very powerful diuretic for decrease excess water weight from your body, & also helps to flushing out toxins more effectively.

2. Cancer Prevention

Celery contains a flavonoids it’s called luteolin.

Researchers trust that luteolin may also possess anti-cancers properties.

A research that become published in Current Cancer Drug Targets suggested that

“Recent epidemiological studies have said cancer prevention property to luteolin.”

The researchers have attributed this because luteolin helps to makes cancers cells more susceptible to attack due to the chemical compounds used in therapy.

I think it’s a most amazing Celery health benefits you know.

It’s one of the great health benefits of Celery.

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Health benefits of celery

3. Help Boosts Immune System

Celery is full of vitamin C, which also helps to boosts immune system.

Stimulated by the activity of different antioxidants in celery, this turns into more efficient & active

Due to the excessive amounts of vitamin C in celery, consuming it regularly.

It’s can helps to reduce you’r chance of catching the common cold & flue, and protects against various disease.

4. Increases Fertility

Most important Celery health benefit is it’s also improve your fertility.

Doctor Alan.R Harsh of the Smell & Taste Treatment & Research Foundation, reported that 2 type of pheromones present in celery.

Androstenol and Androstenone, can truly improve your fertility.

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5. Prevents Inflammation

Celery have apigenin, a molecule this is well known for its anti-cancer properties.

A research that was published in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research tested.

Whether this chemical may also help in lowering or modifying the damage caused by inflammation.

The researchers concluded that apigenin helps to reduced the expression of certain types of inflammatory proteins in mice.

These can reduce inflamation and restore immune stability.

Below we share celery juice recipe.

6. Prevents Urinary Tract Infection

Most amazing Celery health benefits is it’s also helps in lowering uric acid & stimulates urine production.

This is highly beneficial for bacterial infections within the reproductive organs and digestive tract.

Similar to cranberries that are well known for fighting UTIs or urinary tract infections.

Celery can also help in preventin kidney dosease, bladder issues, and possibly even cysts on reproductive organs.

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Celery juice recipe


7. Healthy Skin

Celery juice is rich in niacin, vitamin A, B, C, K, and folate.

That are very important for repairing skin damages, and in maintain your skin healthy.

Also, these vitamins help in nourishing & producing collagen for your skin.

Therefore, you get that young, clean, smooth and wrinkle-free skin.

8. Lowers Cholesterol

Celery juice is a excellent natural remedy for lowering the cholesterol levels in the body.

Celery contains of a chemical compound called 3-n-butylphthalide.

It’s highly effective on reducing the cholesterol in the bloodstream.

Also, it helps to increase the secretion of steroid acids or bile which is vety helpful in decreasing cholesterol too.

The juice that is extracted from 2 stalks of celery can help in reducing your levels of cholesterol up to 7 points.

9. Strengthen Your Bones

Did you ever noticed that celery looks likes a bones?

The Doctrine of Signatures, conveys that the way a plant appears showed what part of the body it is actually beneficial for.

Celery is 23% sodium, whilst bones are 23% sodium as nicely? Now that’s something to think about again!

Celery contains high amount of silicon and calcium, which help to strengthen and regenerate damaged bones.

Also, celery is loaded in Vitamin K, that performs an important role in protection against osteoporosis & bone metabolism.

10. Weight Loss

Most superb celery health benefits is it’s Lowering the extra weight.

Also turns into problem-free & easy with regular intake of celery juice.

Celery juice is extraordinarily low in calories.

Therefore, it maintains your appetite in check, & helps you lose those excess weight successfully.

Celery Juice Recipe:

Here we share how to make Celery Juice, check this Celery Juice Recipe.


  • 1 Organic Celery
  • Filter Water


  • Gently wash 1 bunch of celery.
    Blend as well
  • Drink instantly for maximum therapeutic benefits.

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