12 Best men’s hairstyles for round faces

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Choosing a perfect hairstyle according to your face shape it’s very difficult. Are you worried about the same thing? Well in this article we’re talking about the top 12 men’s hairstyles for round faces.

If you choose the right hairstyle according to your face shape, Then it gives you a more ‌handsome appearance.

Especially for those whose face shape is round, it is very important to choose a proper hairstyle according to the shape of the face.

If your face shape is round, then the wrong hairstyle will make you look like a baby.

So to make your look much more manly and mature, it is important to choose the right hairstyle.

men's hairstyles for round face

So hello guys we are Vmoda in this article we are going to talking about the Top 12 Best men’s hairstyles for round faces. So let’s begin.

Top 12 men’s hairstyles for round faces

Here we share the most popular and best men’s hairstyles for round faces. So let’s start.

1. Side Part

Side Part hairstyle

Round faces often appear young and unfamiliar due to their soft curves.

To deal with this problem and achieve a more handsome and mature look, try adding angles to your haircut.

One of the most versatile and perfect hairstyles for a round face shape is Side Part.

If you choose the side part hairstyle for your round face shape, it will give you a much more mature look.

This hairstyle will give you a handsome look by balancing your wide cheekbones.

2. Pompadour

Pompadour hairstyle

Basically, round faces normally appear circular in shape, If you choose the right hairstyle, then it can help to elongate the head and create a more flattering oval look.

One of the perfect and most on-trend hairstyles for a round face shape is Pompadour. Thanks to the extra height created by Pompadour haircut.

This hairstyle makes your appearance more handsome and attractive because it adds some extra height to your face…

However, to make your look much more mature, always maintain your hairstyle short and slicked back to avoid adding extra width.

It’s one of the popular men’s hairstyles for round faces.

3. Undercut

Undercut hairstyle

Another best hairstyle for a round face shape is undercut.

Just as pompadour can help to elongate your look by adding height to your hair, also undercut hairstyle gives the same effect by reducing its width.

This popular haircut also gives you a mature look, because in this case the hair on both sides of your head is kept short.

After all, this flattering haircut leaves you free to style your hair top as per your choice.

You can try angle-adding side part style or straightforward and short style with your top hair.

You can try this haircut if you have a round face shape.

4. Textured Crop

Textured Crop hairstyle

Short and simple hairstyle perfect for those people who have round face shape, but you need to do this in the right way.

A flat and simple hairstyle always helps to emphasize the shape of your face, Similarly, a Textured Crop hairstyle makes you look more delicate and handsome.

You can do waves, curls, or simply messy, or any type of hairstyle, but a textured crop short hairstyle will always balancing out your wide cheekbones and Decrease from a circular facial silhouette.

5. Side Bangs

Side Bangs hairstyle

Like a Side Part hairstyle, the Side Bangs hairstyle will also work to add a definition to your face.

This hairstyle perfect for those gentlemen who have round facial shapes.

When you visit the salon for a haircut, always ask to keep your bangs short.

If you keep your bangs too long, they will capture attention to your cheekbones and make your face appearance wide

6. Slicked Back + Tapered Sides

Slicked Back + Tapered Sides

Another best hairstyle for a round face shape is Slicked Back hairstyle, but it only works well with a combination of Tapered Sides haircuts.

So if you want a sleek hairstyle that also suits your face shape. Then you can consider Slicked Back Hairstyle with Tapered Sides haircut.

If you want a more sharp and slicked look then You can try a taper fade haircut Instead of a regular taper cut.

7. Messy Waves

Messy Waves hairstyle

If you sometimes feel awkward about your round face, you need to choose a perfect hairstyle that will throw off its circular perfection.

I know many different hairstyles already available for round face shape, but none are as fun and easy as messy Waves.

Messy Waves hairstyle can perfectly manage round face shape appear in the best of ways.

Remember to style your strands a little forward and maintain the side’s subdues for best results…

8. Bro Flow

Bro Flow hairstyle

Adding some extra length to your locks is another best way to balance out and elongate your round face.

Unlike long hairstyles, which pull the eye upwards, the long strands work to pull the eye down for similar results.

One of the stylish ways to rock a longer length is to choose a bro flow.

This great hairstyle works perfectly with medium-length locks and adds a stylish lead-back aesthetic to your look.

9. Blowout

Blowout hairstyle

If you want a unique hairstyle that will complement the shape of your round face and help you to stand out from the crowd.

Then Blowout hairstyle may be the perfect hairstyle for you.

This full-volume look adds plenty of flair to your overall look and also flattering your face.

If you want to create this hairstyle blow dry your hair after shampooing, always directing the hair upwards during the process.

Then, just add some hairspray to secure the style.

10. Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks hairstyle

One of my favorite hairstyles for round face shape is Dreadlocks, thanks to their shape and length.

Dreadlocks have the ability to elongate the face for a more flattering look. So always keep your hair length medium to long.

So the longer your hair is, the more impact this hairstyle will have on the appearance of your face.

So just stop when you achieve your final desired look.

11. Quiff

Quiff hairstyle

Quiff is one of the most favorite and popular hairstyles in the ’50s. The classic Quiff is a more balanced hairstyle.

If you love longer dimensions on top of your head, you need to keep some length around the sides and back and you also need to maintain a sharp, clean hairline.

A good shine hair cream or serum will also give you the desired glossy hair that the classic Quiff calls for.

It’s one of my favorite men’s hairstyles for round faces.

12. Crew cut

Crew cut hairstyle

The classic crew cut is one of the most attractive, short, and sharp hairstyles for classic men.

It’s also a perfect choice for a business hairstyle because it’s tidy, neat, and also great with a suit.

So if you are searching for a hairstyle that’s perfect for an office look then you can go for a classic crew cut.

It does not only keep your hair stylish and sharp but it will make it look sleek and polished while doing so.

The crew cut is one of most low maintenance hairstyle that saves your too much time during your busy morning routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What hairstyle suits a round face for guys?

Choosing a perfect hairstyle for round face shape is very difficult.We already discussed some different hairstyles for round face shape. The best hairstyle for round face shape is a cut that’s short on the back and sides, with some length on top. This type of haircut will allow you to style a slick back, quiff, undercut, pompadour or side


Is buzz cut good for round face shape?

Buzz cut won’t look bad on a round face, but plenty of better option available. If you looking for a short, low maintenance hairstyle try a crew cut instead of other haircuts, or atleast add some fade to your buzz cut.This will add some length to the face and also create angles around the side of face.

How to choose a perfect hairstyles for a Round Face?

If you have round face shape always choose those types of hairstyles that will elongate your face and add some angles.Avoid those types of haircut that capture more attention to your cheekbones.You can select side part hair cut to add dimension and shape to your face. Always choose hairstyles with short sides and long top. Such as undercut, pompadour to balance your face shape.Try adding volume and texture to the top of hair to draw the eyes up and make the round face look more flattering oval.Grow your hair to a long or medium length to easily balancing out the round face.


I hope you already understand the very basic concepts of hairstyles for round face shape, and I hope you can able to choose the best men’s hairstyles for round faces.

Always choose the hairstyle for a round face shape is a haircut that’s short on the sides and back, with some hair length on the top.

Always try to use mild shampoo for your hair and use a good conditioner for better results and avoid excessive use of hair products.

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