Best Gorgeous Mac Lipstick For dark skin tone

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We all know dark skin tone is gorgeous and you can easily enhance your look by choosing a right mac lipstick for dark skin tone.

Yeah I know you love wide range of mac lipstick, and you’re little bit confused to choose a right lipstick colour according to your skin tone.

Don’t worry, if you have dark skin tone then congratulations you are the lucky one, because in this article we are talking about mac lipstick for dark skin tone.

I know finding a perfect lipstick shade, it’s quite hard task especially who have dark skin tone.

Melanin rich lady often shy from wearing some lipstick colors. But gorgeous women don’t be scared to try different lipstick colors.

Mac is one of the best cosmetic brand in the world they offer huge range of lipstick shades also different types of concealers and foundations.

Mac Lipstick For dark skin tone

If you are looking for some best lipstick shades to enhance your beauty. Here we share some MAC lipstick shades for dark skin tone.

So hello guys we are Vmoda in this article we are going to talking about some MAC lipstick for dark skin tone. So let’s start to read this article.

Here 12 best mac lipstick for dark skin tone.

Now it’s time to share some best lipstick shade for dark skin tone.

MAC Kinkster

MAC Kinkster

Mac Kinkster lipstick is one of the most popular brown girl frendly colour with olive or gold undertones.

This lipstick especially works well on darker skin tone, although mac Kinkster is a matte lipstick, so you won’t feel drying or cakey on the lips.

MAC Derrière

MAC Derrière 

If you love 90’s look and looking for a perfect brown lipstick shade to achieve 90’s look.

Then mac Derrière lipstick is perfect for your goals and it classified as dirty brown with golden undertones.

This lipstick good for all types of skin tones but it’s works well on deeper and ebony shades.

If you use this lipstick then you not needed any liner, but if you want 90’s retro look then definitely use a liner.

MAC Move Your Body

MAC Move Your Body

Mac Move Your Body is a deep brown with greyish-gold undertones lipstick, and it’s give vamp and sophistication both.

If you have deeper and olive-toned skin then this mac lipstick perfect for you. You can use this lipstick for a rich and slightly lustre touch.

But before you use this lipstick to complete your look. You need to set your lip with little amount of translucent powder.

MAC Impulsive

MAC Impulsive

Mac Impulsive is a slightly peachy undertones warm brown lipstick and it’s good for all types of skin tones.

In this lipstick mac use a innovative moisture-matte formula, and it’s a part of MAC’s Powder Lipstick collection.

Mac impulsive is a rich moisturizing also highly pigmented as well.

MAC Twig

Mac twig

Mac Twig is a perfect for teenager girl’s, especially if you looking for a sheer finish. Mac Twig is a brownish pink shade lipstick.

Don’t think about your skin tone, you can use this lipstick and it’s add right level of colour on the lips.

Mac Twig looks gorgeous on brown skin tone. Mac Twig one of best lipstick for dark skin.

MAC Ruby woo

MAC Ruby woo

Mac Ruby woo is one of my favourite lipstick shade with blue-red undertones.

Mac Ruby woo perfect for all types of skin tones even slightly dark skin tone. This lipstick is rich pigmented and it’s dries your lips.

I highly recommend you to properly moisturize your lips before you use this. It one of the best mac lipstick for indian skin tone.

MAC Fresh Brew

MAC Fresh Brew

Mac Frsh Brew lipstick is perfect for those who have brown skin tone. But you can use this lipstick for fair to tan skin.

Mac Fresh Brew lipstick comes with creamed coffee undertones and it’s works well on every skin tone.

MAC Spice it up

MAC Spice it up

Without lipstick your overall looks is incomplete. Mac Spice it up is a extremely beautiful brown berry tone.

This lipstick gives you a shine and lustre touch on your lips, and it’s perfect for all types of brown skin tone.

You can use this alone also twist with other lipstick.

MAC Viva Glam III

MAC Viva Glam III

If you looking for a lipstick shades that comes with brown shades with little purple touch.

Then Mac Viva Glam III is perfect for you because this lipstick gives you a matte finish with muted brownish-plum on the lips.

This lipstick good for those beauty lovers who always searching for a intense and pigmented colour.

MAC Lasting Passion

MAC Lasting Passion

This lipstick perfect for those who loves lipstick with pink undertones. Then Mac Lasting Passion is a perfect shade for you.

It’s classified as a bright red lipstick and it’s highly pigmented rich in formula.

This lipstick also a long lasting lipstick.

MAC Style Shocked

MAC Style Shocked

Yes I am a red kinda girl and always looking for a red lipstick shade with orange undertone.

This lipstick perfect for summer and spring season, Style Shocked is a reddish-orange shade and it’s a part of Mac’s powder kiss collection.

Mac Style Shocked offering high pigmentation with moisturizing formula. It’s perfect for all types of skin tones.

MAC Quite The Standout

MAC Quite The Standout

If you one of those people who love lipstick but don’t want standard one then Mac Quite The Standout only for you.

Quite The Standout is a bright orange-red shade liquid lipstick. This lipstick shade is a bold and bright and works well on every skin tone,

This lipstick looks gorgeous on ebony shades


I hope you already understand and choose your perfect Mac lipstick for dark skin tone.

But remember before you apply lipstick you need to moisturize your lips. Don’t rub your lips when you remove lipstick.

Don’t be shy always try new lipstick shade and embrace your beauty and divine skin tone.

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