7 Amazing Benefits Of Purple Yam (Ube)

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Do you ever eat purple Yam? Purple Yam Is One Of The Healthy Food. Do you aware about benefits of Purple Yam and Purple Yam nutrition facts?

It’s Contains Many Different Types Of Vitamin And Mineral, Antioxidant And Other Bio Active Plant Compounds.

This Yam Is Super Beneficial For Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Weight Loss, Blood Sugar And Blood Pressure.

So Hello Guys We Are Vmoda In This Article We Are Discuss About Benefits Of Purple Yam, Purple Yam Nutrition Value.

So Let’s Start To Read This Article To Know More.

What Is Purple Yam?

Benefits of Purple Yam


Purple Yam Is A Highly Nutritious Plant Root Vegetable.

It’s Scientific Name Is Dioscorea Alata, Also Known As “Ube” Or “Greater Yam”.

This Yam Actually Native From Southeast Asia.

But In Present Time It’s Cultivated And Consume Worldwide.

The Purple Yam Are Basically Violent Colour Root Vegetable.And Slightly Sweet In Taste.

Purple Yam Have Slightly Greyish-Brown Skins & Purple Flesh.

When You Cook Purple Yam, It’s Texture Become Soft Like Potato.

Purple Yam Contains Lots Of Essential Nutrients, Vitamins And Minerals. And Antioxidants.

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Purple Yam Nutrition:

Purple Yam Is A Plant Root Vegetable and It Is A Good Source Of Complex Carbs, Vitamin C And Pottasium.

One Cup Or 100 Grams Cooked Purple Yam Nutrition Value:

Nutrition Table

Nutrients Ammount
Calories 140 Kcal
Carbs 27 Gm
Protein 1 Gm
Fat 0.1 Gm
Fiber 4 Gm
Sodium 0.83% DV
Pottasium 13.5% DV
Calcium 2% DV
Iron 4% DV
Vitamin C 40% DV
Vitamin A 4% DV

Not Only That Purple Yam Also Rich In Plant Compound & Antioxidant With Anthocyanins.

Anthocyanins Give A Purple Hue.

Research Proved That The Anthocyanins Helps To Reduce High Blood Pressure.

Also Helps To Rid From Inflammation and Protect Our Body Against Type 2 Diabetes And Cancer.

Purple Yam Also Contains High Amount Of Vitamin C.

It’s Help To Maintain Your Healthy Cells, Increase Iron Absorption And Also Protect Our DNA From Free Radicals Damage.

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Top 7 Health Benefits Of Purple Yam

Health benefits of Purple Yam


We Are Share 7 Best Health Benefits Of Purple Yam.

1. Rich In Antioxidants:

Purple Yam Contains Large Ammount Of Antioxidants With Anthocyanins & Vitamin C.

Antioxidant Helps To Protect Your Body Cells From Oxidative And Free Radicals Damage.

Free Radicals Damage Is One Of The Main Cause Of Chronic Disease.

Such As Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Neurodegenerative Disorder.

Purple Yam Is A Excellent Source Of  Vitamin C.

Vitamin C Have Super Antioxidant Property, And It’s Also Helps To Protect Your Body From Free Radicals Damage.

Research Proved That Intake Enough Ammount Of Vitamin C Can Boost Your Body Antioxidant Level Up To 35%.

And Help  Us To Protect Our Body Cells From Oxidative Damage.

Anthocyanins In Purple Yam Is Also A Kind Of Polyphenol Antioxidant.

If You Consume Polyphenols Contains Food Regularly.

It’s Helps To Reduce The Risk Of Different Types Of Cancer.

Researchers Found Two Types Of Anthocyanins In Purple Yam One Is Cyanidin And Other Is Peonidin.

It’s Also Decrease The Risk Of Some Types Of Cancer Such as

Colon Cancer: Researchers Proved That If Someone Consume Cyanidin Rich Food.

It’s Helps To Reduction The Size Of Tumors Up To 45%.

Another Research Proved That The Cyanidin Can Slow Down The Growth Of Cancer Cells.

Lung Cancer: Another Study Proved That The Peonidin Slow Down The Growth Process Of Lung Cancer Cells.

Prostate Cancer: Cyanidin Also Helps To Treat Prostate Cancer, Researchers Already Proved These.

So You Need To Add Cyanidin And Peonidin Reach Food On Your Daily Healthy Diet.

You Can Add Purple Yam On Your Diet To Fulfill This Criteria. It’s one of the best benefits of purple Yam.

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2. Manage Blood Sugar Levels:

We are taking about benefits of purple yam. Do you know it’s also helps to reduce blood sugar?

Purple Yam Contains Flavonoids It’s Help To Reduce Blood Sugar Level.

It’s Super Beneficial For Who Are Suffering From Type 2 Diabetes.

Inflammation And Obesity Disturbed Your Insulin Resistance.

It’s Increase The Chance Of Type 2 Diabetes And Blood Sugar.

What Is Insulin Resistance?

When Your Body Cells Do Not Respond Properly To The Insulin Hormone.

Which is Extremely Responsible For Maintaining Blood Sugar Levels.

Researchers Already Proved That The Purple Yam Contains Flavonoids.

Which Is Reduced And Beneficial For Insulin Resistance And Oxidative Stress.

Flavonoids Protect Our Insulin Producing Cells In The Pancreas.

Another Research Proved That The Purple Yam Also Helps To Loss Weight And Maintain Good Weight also Managed Blood Sugar.

Purple Yam Is A Low Glycemic Index Food.

Glycemic Index Which Range From 0 To 100,

Glycemic Index Is A Type Of Measurement Of How Quickly Sugar Absorb Your Bloodstream.

Purple Yam Have Low Glycemic Index(24), Means Purple Yam Contains Complex Carbs And It’s Broke Down Slowly.

So It’s Don’t Spike Your Blood Sugar Levels And Also Do Not Disturb Insulin Resistance.

So It’s Maintain Your Blood Sugar Levels.

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3. Reduce High Blood Pressure:

High Blood Pressure Is A One Of The Major Cause Of Stroke And Heart Attack.

Purple Yam Helps To Reduce Your Blood Pressure.

Because Purple Yam Contains High Amount Of Antioxidant.

Researchers Proved That The Antioxidant In The Purple Yam Helps To Reduce High Blood Pressure.

Following A Same Way To Normal Blood Pressure Lowering Medication Known As Angiotensin-Converting-Enzyme Inhibitors (ACE Inhibitors) 

Another Research Team Proved That The Antioxidant Block The Conversion Of Angiotensin 1 To Angiotensin 2, Angiotensin Is Responsible For Maintain High Blood Pressure.

But We Are Need To Do More Research About this topic.

Overall Purple Yam Is Highly Beneficial For Lowering High Blood Pressure.

If You  are Suffering From High Blood Pressure Then You Need To Add Purple Yam On Your Diet.

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4. Treat Asthma:

Asthma Is A Type Of Inflammatory Chronic Illness.

Research Already Proved That The Intake Of Antioxidants Such As Vitamin C and Vitamin A are Helps To Reduce The Risk Of Asthma.

One Study Found That The Main Cause Of Asthma In Adults Was Connected To Intake Of Vitamin A.

Many People Who Are Suffering From Asthma.

They Not Consume Enough Amount Of Vitamin A.

Another Cause Of Asthma Is Lower Intake Of Vitamin C.

Lower Intake Of Vitamin C Increase The Chance Of Asthma Upto 12% .

Purple Yam Is A Healthy Source Of Vitamin A And Vitamin C, Antioxidant.

You Need To Add Purple Yam On Your Meal To Avoid Asthma.

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5. Good For Gut Health:

Purple Yam Improve Your Gut Health.

Purple Yam Contains Complex Carbs and Resistant Starch.

Complex Carb Is A Good For Your Digestion.

Researchers Proved That The Starch Contain In Purple Yam.

It’s Helps To Growth The Number Of Good Bifidobacteria.

Bifidobacteria Is A Type Of Gut Bacteria And It’s Helps To Large Bowel Movement.

Bifidobacteria Play A Important Role To Maintain Our Gut Health.

It’s Also Helps To Break Down Fiber And Complex Carbs.

This Bacteria Also Helps To Reduce The Risk Of Colorectal Cancer, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Inflammatory Bowel Disease(IBD).

Bifidobacteria Also Produce Vitamin B And Healthy Fatty Acids.

Research Proved That The Purple Yam Have A Anti Inflammatory Properties.

It’s Help To Reduce The Symptoms Of Colitis.

We Need To Do More Research About The Effect Of Purple Yam On Our Gut Health.

But You Can Consume This Food.

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6. Good For Weight Loss:

Purple Yam Contains Complex Carbohydrates, and Good Amount Of Healthy Fiber.

When You Consume Fiber Rich Food It’s Helps To Fulfill Your Stomach For Long time.

It’s control Your Un Necessary Calorie Intake.

Another Important Weight Loss Benefits Of Purple Yam Is It’s Contain Complex Carbs.

Complex Carb Is A Slow Digestion Carbs, So It’s Helps To Decrease Your Carbs Intake.

Purple Yam Rich In Different Types Of Antioxidants Such As Vitamin C.

It’s Helps To Absorb Nutrients In Your Bloodstream.

Purple Yam Also Increase The Number Of Good Bacteria On Your Gut.

So It’s Helps To Digestion Process, So You Can Easily Loss Your Weight.

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7. Versatile:

Purple Yam Have Many Culinary Uses.

You Can Consume Boiled, Fried, Mashed Or Baked Purple Yam.

Also You Can Use This Different Types Of Dishes Along With Other Vegetables


  • Soups.
  • Stews.
  • Stir-Fries.

In Philippines, People Make A Flour Using Purple Yam, And It’s Used In Many Desserts.

Ube Or Purple Yam Powder Also Used To Make Colored Food Such As Candy, Rice, Desserts, Cake, Jams.

Purple Yam Recipe

Purple Yam Jam Recipe


Here We Share One Of The Best Purple Yam Recipe.

Purple Yam Jam

Purple Yam Jam Is A Filipino Recipe.

It’s A Sweet In Taste, You Can Eat This Jam With Bread.


  • One Pound Unpeeled Purple Yam Root.
  • One Fourth Cup Butter.
  • 10 Ounce Sweet Condensed Milk.
  • One Fourth Teaspoon Vanilla Essence.
  • Half Can Evaporated Milk.


Step 1: Take A Large Pot And Boil The Purple Yam Root Atleast 30 Minutes.

Then Drain The Water And Cool It. Then Peel Out The Skin, And Grated It

Step 2: Next Melt The Butter In Medium Flame and Then add Condensed Milk and Vanilla Essence, Add Grated Purple Yam.

Then Cook And Stir Continuously Atleast 30 Minutes.

When This Mixture Become Sticky Add Evaporated Milk and Continuosly Stir For 15 Minutes.

After That Remove From Heat.

Step 3: Transfer This Purple Yam Mixture In A Glass Made Container and Cool It,

Now You’re Recipe Is Ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now it’s time to discuss about some frequently asked questions, let’s do it.

What is Glycemic Index?

Glycemic index is a type Of measurement Of how quickly Sugar absorb your bloodstream.

Glycemic index which range from 0 To 100.

Purple Yam vs Taro Root

Colocasia Esculenta Is A Scientific Name Of Taro Root.

Taro Root Is A Plant Root Vegetable From Southeast Asia.

Taro Root Have Different Types Of Color White To Grey To Lavender And Has A Slightly Sweet Taste.

It’s Called Potato Of The Tropics.

Taro Root And Purple Yam Look Similar, But Don’t Confused When You Stripped Out Their Skin, They Are Different In Colour.

Taro Root Is Grown From Taro Plant, And It’s Not Related To The Yam.

Purple Yam For Weight Loss

Purple Yam Rich In Healthy Complex Carbohydrates, And A Good Source Of Healthy Fiber.

When You Consume Dietary Fiber Include Food Like Purple Yam It’s Helps To Fulfill For Long Time. 

Due to this Reasons It’s Helps To Lowering Your Calorie Intake.

Another Viral Weight Loss Benefits Of Purple Yam Is It Is Contain Complex Carbs.

Complex Carb Is A Slow Digestion Healthy Carbs.

So It’s Also Helps To Decrease Your Carbohydrates Intake.

Purple Yam Rich In Different Types Of Antioxidants Such As Vitamin C.

Vitamin C Helps To Absorb Nutrients Properly In Your Bloodstream.

Purple Yam Also Helps To Increase The Number Of Good Bacteria On Your Gut So It’s Helps To Digestion Process.

If You Add Purple Yam On Your Diet You Can Easily Loss Weight.



Purple Yam Are Very Healthy And Nutritious Root Vegetable.

It’s Helps To Reduce Your High Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar.

Because Of They Contain High Amount Of Antioxidants.

Also it Is A Tasty With Vibrant Colour.

You Can Use This Ingredients To Make Different Types Of Sweet And Other Dishes.

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