7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Sea Urchin

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Do you ever eat sea urchin? Did you know Sea urchin is considered as a food in many countries? Here we share Health benefits of sea urchin.

If you ever see something with round shape on sea beach than you meet one of the popular sea animals known as sea urchin.

But all of us want to stay safe from this animals because it’s thron contains poison. But do you know Sea urchin is good for health?

So hello guys we are Vmoda in this article we are going to talking about Health benefits of sea urchin, so let’s start to read this article.

What is Sea Urchin

Health benefits of sea urchin

Sea urchins is a round shape body with long spines that come off it.

Spines of sea urchins used for protection and also helps to capture food that are floating around the water.

This sea creatures founds across the ocean floor globally but very rare in polar regions.

Researchers found approx 200 different species of sea urchins and it’s come with different shapes and sizes..

Red sea urchin is a longest living creatures on earth.

In this article we are going to talking about health benefits of sea urchin so let’s begin.

Nutrition Facts of Sea Urchin

One of the important question is what nutrients contained in sea urchin?

Based on research sea urchin contains many healthy nutrients, 100 gm of sea urchin contains 119 Kcal energy and very little ammount of healthy Polyunsaturated Fat.

Sea Urchin also contains omega-3 fatty acids it’s helps to lowering blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease it’s also good for our brain.

It’s also contains 16 gm protein and zinc. Zinc is important ingredient for our health.

Here is Full Nutrition Facts Table

Calorie 119 Kcal
Protein 16 Gram
Carbohydrate 3 Gram
Fat 4 Gram
Saturated Fat 0 Gram
Cholesterol 290 Mg
Sodium 220 Mg
Pottasium 340 Mg
Omega-3 0.5 Gram

Health Benefits of Sea Urchin

Sea urchin Health benefits

Now we already know some nutrition facts of sea urchins , it’s time to discuss about health benefits of sea urchin.

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1. Good For Immune System

Immune system is one of the most vital system of our body. If you have low immune system you can easily affected by many viral infection.

So it’s very important to boost your immune system, sea urchin contains Vitamin C and A it help to boost our immune system.

So if you looking for great food source for boosting immune system then Sea Urchin is good for you.

2. Anti Aging

We are talking about health benefits of Sea urchin, do you know it has anti aging property?

We already ready know Sea urchin contains Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to fix pre mature aging by reduce free radicals damage.

It also helps to produce collagen. Collagen also help to prevent cell damage and improve cell growth.

So you need to add sea urchin in your diet to prevent pre mature aging process.

3. Good For Diet

You can add Sea Urchin in your diet without any worry. Because sea urchins contains low fat and many healthy nutrients.

Sea urchins is one of the good source of healthy nutrients if you want to go on a diet.

If sea urchins served in raw condition you need to carefull about that because sometimes it contains bacteria and it can make us sick.

So if you think to add sea urchins in your diet you need to consult your doctor first.

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4. Enzymatic Function

Sea Urchin contains Zinc, zinc is most important ingredients for our health.

Due to sea urchins contains zinc it’s help to improve our enzymatic function, reproduction system and also boost up our immune system.

Zinc also increase the sense of sight and smell.

Sea urchin for health


5. Increase Libido

If you no longer have love making appetite, than you need to add sea urchin in your diet, because it’s super effective and helps to increase libido.

If you do not want to take medicine for increase libido then you can consider sea urchin’s spawn.

Because it’s helps to increase blood circulation in your reproductive organs.

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6. Stronger Muscle

Like other sea food sea urchin also a good source of healthy protein .

Protein and amino acid is a building blocks of our muscle tissue. 100 gm sea urchin contains approx 16 gm of protein.

Which is good for our body, because of this reason you need to add sea urchins in your diet.

7. Good For Eyesight

Sea urchin also contained Vitamin A, vitamin A is good for increasing eye health and it’s improve our eyesight.

Vitamin A and beta carotene are helps to protect the surface of eye cornea.

So you need to add Vitamin A rich foods in your diet, if you want than you can consume sea urchin.

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