11 Attractive Hairstyles For Men That Women Love

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Best hair style create a special identity for a man. From Rugged man buns to Short sophisticated cuts and Bold faux hawks. here we share 11 Attractive Hairstyles For Men.

It’s doesn’t matter if you are a business man or a student. a good attractive hairstyle is the way to capture everyone attention.

So hello guys we are Vmoda in this article we are taking about 11 attractive hairstyles for men. So let’s start to read this article.

11 Best Attractive Hairstyles For Men

We already know hair style is the way to capture everyone attention. Here we share 11 attractive hairstyles for men.

1. Bro Flow

Bro Flow attractive hairstyle for men

If you want a cool and attractive hairstyle with less effort, then the bro flow hair style is perfect for you.

While other types of hairstyle like pompadour, undercut appear sleek and sophisticated.

The bro flow hair style provide a a rugged and relaxed look.

So if you want to save some time from your morning, then bro flow hairstyle is perfect for you, there is nothing else to think about.

2. Man Bun

Attractive hairstyles for men

Man Bun is a modern and classic hairstyle, it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Because it’s flexible and also it’s perfect for almost everyone and can be personalized according to their face shape.

To create this hair style comb your hair back using fingers and secure it with a tie.

The length of your hair will determine how high or low  you can make your bun. But we suggest just make your bun below the crown of your head.

You can defined bone structure and make the style as sick as they like, but looser bun is more flattering.

3. Pompadour

Pompadour attractive hairstyle for men

Pompadour is a versatile and classic hair style, and it’s a very popular and everyone like this hair style.

In this hairstyle usually has long hair on the top of the forehead and short hair on the side.

Some man likes very short and buzzed sides but others men prefer a scissor cut for a more gentle look.

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4. Caesar Cut

Caesar Cut


Caesar Cut is one of the most traditional and oldest haircuts around. But this hair style still popular style for many men’s today.

When Julius Caesar choose this cut to help cover up a receding hairline. This hairstyle became popular in men’s of all ages and hair types.

In this hairstyle featured short hair length that is styled with a small and horizontally cut fringe.

5. Buzz Cut

Buzz cut

If you are ready to cut your long hair for a low maintenance hairstyle. Then the buzz cut is perfect for you.

It’s a classic hair style that looks good with well groomed beard.

Buzz cut hairstyle can be easily recognised by it’s all over short hair length and it’s cut close to head by using a hair trimmer.

This hair cut don’t require any styling but you need to trims regularly for maintain this hair cut.

6. Undercut

Under cut hairstyle

If you want more attractive hairstyle then the undercut hairstyle is the most popular options for you.

First of all this hairstyle is versatile and works well for curly, straight or wavy hair types.

Another important features is you can style it many different ways.

For Undercut hairstyle you need to keep long hair on the top while the back and sides are buzzed very short.

7. Quiff

Quiff hairstyle

The quiff is a very attractive and versatile hairstyle and it’s not for all men.

This hairstyle only work better for those people who have round face shapes.

It’s not like Pompadour, before styling it into a wave shape first brushing all the hair forward and create a quiff.

As a hairstyle you need to finish the look with little bit of pomade for added shine and volume.

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8. Faux Hawk hairstyle

Faux hawk attractive hairstyle

The Faux Hawk it’s actually aims to imitate a Mohawk without actually a being one.

Faux hawk is a modern and classic hairstyle trends.this hairstyle features long strip of hair on top that is fashioned upwards and short sides.

This hairstyle provide a eye catching, youthful and attractive. look for this reason it’s became a popular choice for men.

This look capture the attention without appearing over the top.

9. Ivy League

Ivy league hair cut

Ivy League haircut is a longer and modified version of crew cut. This style features short trim on the top and sides.

It’s not like crew cut, in this hairstyle you need to keep the front hair long enough for able to part the sides

Ivy League hairstyle great for those men who have high cheekbones and Strong jawline.

This hairstyle provide a professionalism, sophistication and classic look.

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10. Slick Back

Slick back

Slick back hairstyle is a coolest and attractive hairstyle around. This attractive and simple hairstyle can make anyone look mature desirable and business like.

There are many ways to style with this hairdo but if you want to look more modern you need to try fade.

For those men who have long hair the slick back is a perfect options for those.

It’s great for formal occasions, you can create this style by comb all your hair back and you need to use some hair products to secure the shape.

11. Crew Cut

Crew cut hairstyle

Here we share 11 attractive hairstyles for men, but without include crew cut style this list is incomplete.

Crew cut is a most popular and attractive men’s haircut. This hairstyle features short hair on top and it’s sit in a upright position and styling can be optional.

This hair style has been around since 18th century and it became popular in the 1920s to 1930s

Another great things is crew cut it’s not need too much maintenance. The longer and modified version of Crew cut also known Ivy League.

If you find your hair looks little messy than add little amount of pomade to add texture and height.


Now done, here we share 11 Attractive hairstyles for men. Choose your hairstyle in this list and capture someone special attention.

But keep in mind you need to maintain your hair health.

You need to use shampoo 2 to 3 times per week, also use conditioner, home spa, hot oil message and proper diet for keep better smooth and shine hair.

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