10 Best Health Benefits of Rutabaga

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Do you ever eat Rutabaga? Rutabaga is a type of root vegetable. It’s help to get relief from many health condition like digestive health, immune system. Here we share Health Benefits of Rutabaga.

Rutabaga is a cruciferous vegetables means it’s help to neutralizing toxins in the body.

It’s also helpful for Cancer, Cellular and Enzymatic functions also help to lose weight and builds strong bones.

You can add rutabaga in your diet using number of ways like add roasted rutabaga in your diet.

Also you can use like a potato it can be baked, Fried and Mashed.

You can also eat rutabaga leaves as a vegetable.

Rutabaga also considered as a alternative of potatoes because it’s contain healthy ammount of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and other healthy organic compounds.

Health benefits of rutabaga


So Hello Guys we are Vmoda in this article we are going to talk about Health benefits of Rutabaga. Nutrition Facts of rutabaga, So let’s start to read this article.

Nutrition Facts of Rutabaga

Here we discuss nutrition facts of rutabaga , 1 cup (140gm) rutabaga contain

Nutrients Ammount
Energy 52 Kcal
Carbohydrate 12 Gm
Fiber 3.2 Gm
Sugars 6.2 Gm
Protein 1.5 Gm
Fat 0.2 Gm
Sodium 0 Mg

Let’s take a details look at the nutrition facts of rutabaga.


Rutabaga contains 6.2 gm sugar and 3.2 gm of fiber, most of the calories in rutabaga come from this two source.

Fiber is super beneficial for our health, it’s helps to improve digestion process and boost heart health by lowering “LDL” or bad cholesterol.

Rutabaga also contains natural sugars, so rutabaga is a good source to provide energy for everyday activities.

But Glycemic index of Rutabaga is very high 72.

Glycemic index is a type of measurement where measure how quickly a food raise our blood sugar levels. The measure ranks food on a scale of zero to 100.

Foods those are high in glycemic index are quickly digested and absorbed our blood stream. It’s a cause of blood sugar problem.

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Rutabaga is almost fat free. It’s contains little ammount of Polyunsaturated Fat (0.2 gm).


Rutabaga also contains small ammount of protein. If you take 1 cup(140gm) of rutabaga you can get 1.5 gm of protein.

Vitamins and Minerals:

Rutabaga contains many healthy vitamins and minerals. 140 gm rutabaga provides following minerals.

Calcium: 60 mg (6% of the daily recommended dose)

Magnesium: 28 mg ( 9% of the RDA for women and 3% for men)

Iron: 0.6 mg ( 3% of the RDA for women and 8% for men)

Pottasium: 427 mg ( 16% of the RDA for women and 13% for men)

Phosphorus: 74 mg (11% of daily recommended dose)

Zinc: 0.3 mg ( 4% of the RDA for women and 3% for men)

1 cup(140gm) serving of rutabaga contains following Vitamins

Folate: 29 mcg ( 7% of the daily recommended dose)

Niacin: 0.98 mg ( 7% of the RDA for women and 6% for men).

Thiamine: 0.13 mg ( 12% of the RDA for women and 11% for men)

Riboflavin: 0.06 mg ( 5% of the daily recommended dose)

Vitamin B6: 0.14 mg ( 11% of daily Recommended dose)

Vitamin C: 35 mg ( 47% of the RDA for women and 39% for men)

Vitamin E: 0.42 mg ( 3% of the daily recommended dose)

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Health Benefits of Rutabaga

Rutabaga Health benefits


As a root vegetable, rutabaga can help to promote health in many ways, now it’s time to share some Health benefits of rutabaga.

1. Increase Immunity:

Rutabaga contains high amount of Vitamin C, one serving of rutabaga provides 35 mg vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for our health.

Vitamin C helps to produce white blood cells also help collagen production.

Collagen helps to healing and development of skin and muscle tissue also beneficial for blood vessels.

Many researchers proved that High ammount of Vitamin C also helps to fix Colorectal Cancer.

2. Maintain Blood Pressure

Pottasium is super beneficial for maintain blood pressure and cardiac health. Rutabaga also contains Pottasium.

So it can help you to get rid from high blood pressure by reducing contraction of blood vessels and stress.

Because of this reason rutabaga help to easier passage of blood and lower the chance of clotting.

Rutabaga also contains fiber it’s helps to lower cholesterol and prevent atherosclerosis and lowering stroke and heart attack risk.

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3. Anti Aging

We are taking about health benefits of rutabaga, do you know it has anti aging property.

Rutabaga contains Vitamin C, vitamin c is vital ingredients for collagen production.

Collagen helps to improve cell growth amd prevent cells damage.

Because of this it’s prevent premature aging process.

4. Antioxidant

Rutabaga are rich in too much Antioxidant like Glucosinolate and Vitamin c.

Glucosinolate is a sulfur compound that reduce the growth of cancerous tumor in the body.

Also high levels of Vitamin C and Carotenoid act as a powerful antioxidant, it’s reduce free radicals, and prevent the chances of mutation of healthy cells into cancerous cells.

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5. Good For Digestion

Rutabaga contains high amount of healthy fiber, it’s providing more than 12% of daily requirements in each 1 cup(140gm) serving.

Dietary fiber improve the digestion system and prevent constipation and gastrointestinal problem.

If you add fiber in your daily diet it’s also reduce fat and help to lose weight.

You can add rutabaga in your diet as a highly nutritious low calorie food source.

Because of fiber it’s make your stomach feel full and reducing the chances of overeating.

6. Strong Bones

Rutabaga contains many essential minerals such as calcium, zinc, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus etc…

This minerals play a vital role for creation and maintenance of bone tissue.

Millions of people’s already suffer from Osteoporosis. If you maintain your bones health it’s helps to avoid common age realated bones disorder.

7. Enzymatic Function

Zinc is a main ingredients of many enzymatic function throughout the body.

If you have zinc deficiency it’s cause more health concerns.

Zinc also found in rutabaga, so you need to add rutabaga in your diet to avoid this problem and maintain enzymatic function.

8. Metabolic Function

Protein and amino acid is a building blocks of new cells and it’s necessary for cells production.

Rutabaga is a good option for vegetarians because it’s provide complete protein.

Vegetarians are mostly struggle to intake enough ammount of protein because they are not eating meat, eggs and fish.

Protein helps to cell growth, reproduction, muscle contraction, healing and many others important bodily process.

9. Weight Loss:

I already told you rutabaga contains high amount of dietary fiber, so it’s make fell full for long time and prevent over calorie intake.

Also fiber helps to digestion process it’s also good for your weight loss goals. It’s a great health benefits of rutabaga.

10. Good For Eye Disease

Rutabaga contains micronutrients and macronutrients both but it’s also provide phyto nutrients such as Zeaxanthin and lutein.

These Antioxidant are highly beneficial for maintain eye health, if you consume rutabaga in your diet it helps to prevent cataracts and macular degeneration also two eye disease related to aging.

Side Effects:

  • Rutabaga contains raffinose, raffinose is a natural sugar it can cause gas and bloating,
  • If you feel this problem after eating rutabaga try to consume streamed rutabaga instead of raw.
  • Very few people experience allergies like oral allergy syndrome.
  • Symptoms may include swelling of the lips, throat and mouth.
  • If you have allergies on rutabaga consulting your doctor to get advice.


I hope you already understand about health benefits of rutabaga. Always try to consume healthy diet.

Rutabaga have many benefits, it’s contain many healthy nutrients, so start consuming rutabaga today.

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